Directory of Staff by Dept.

Academic & Student Affairs
Elles, Leigh AnnGraduate Academic CounselorJ.B. Speed, Room LL21(502) 852-4415Email Leigh Ann Elles
Gagel, CourtneyCoordinatorJ.B. SpeedBldg., Room 221D(502) 852-7178Email Courtney Gagel
Hughes, JonathanActing Director, AdmissionsJ.B. SpeedBldg., Room 219(502) 852-0399Email Jonathan Hughes
Markuson, Katherine Director, Graduate AffairsJ.B. SpeedBldg., Room 210(502) 852-6280Email Katherine Markuson
Neal, Heidi M.Director, Student SuccessJ.B. SpeedBldg., Room 212(502) 852-0364Email Heidi Neal


Academic & Student Affairs: Student Success (Advising)
Best, SusanAcademic Counselor, Sr.J.B. SpeedBldg., Room LL30(502) 852-0437Email Susan Best
Blake, BrittanyAsst. Dir., AdvisingJ.B. Speed Bldg., Room LL27(502) 852-0398Email Brittany Blake
Craig, J. Ben
Academic Counselor, Sr.J.B. Speed Bldg., Room LL20A(502) 852-7437Email Ben Craig
Dennis, HollyAcademic Counselor, Sr.J.B. Speed Bldg., Room LL18(502) 852-4021Email Holly Dennis
Dicken, FarrahAcademic CounselorJ.B. Speed Bldg., Room LL018(502) 852-4979Email Farrah Dicken
Fitzpatrick, AnnieAcademic Counselor, Sr. J.B. Speed Bldg., LL20B(502) 852-7781Email Annie Fitzpatrick
Klingshirn, LaurenAcademic CounselorJ.B. Speed Bldg., Room LL26(502) 852-5208Email Lauren Klingshirn
Mann, HeatherAsst. Director, Student SuccessJ.B. Speed Bldg., LL28(502) 852-4006Email Heather Mann
Oliner, Natalie Academic Counselor, Sr.J.B. Speed Bldg., Room LL25(502) 852-1229Email Natalie Oliner
Zoller, JenAcademic Counselor, Sr.J.B. Speed Bldg., Room LL29(502) 852-0901Email Jen Zoller


Isham, AlexTechnical Research CoordinatorLutz Hall, , Room 419B(502) 852-1557Email Alex Isham
Preher, KimProgram Coordinator, Sr.Lutz Hall, Room 419F(502) 852-1847Email Kim Preher


Chemical Engineering
Lumley, PattyAdministrative SpecialistErnst Hall, Room 106(502) 852-6347Email Patty Lumley
Stewart, MaryManager, Technical ServicesErnst Hall, Room 208(502) 852-7855Email Mary Stewart


Civil & Environmental Engineering
Graves, GailAdministrative SpecialistW.S. Speed, Room 101(502) 852-6276Email Gail Graves
Miles, Bernie DDepartment TechnicianW.S. Speed, Room 013A(502) 852-4584Email Bernie Miles


Computer Engineering & Computer Science
Lile, Ron A.Manager, Microcomputer ServicesDuthie Center for Engineering, Room 234(502) 852-0480Email Ron Lile
Yunker, Gina L.Administrative SpecialistDuthie Center for Engineering, Room 213(502) 852-0461Email Gina Yunker


Cooperative Education & Career Development
Andrade, MaryInterim Director, Career ServicesDuthie Center for Engineering, Room 106B(502) 852-3196Email Mary Andrade
Brammer, Thomas T.Co-op AdvisorDuthie Center for Engineering, Room 106(502) 852-4672Email Tom Brammer
Cline, AngelaAsst. Director, Career DevelopmentDuthie Center for Engineering, Room 106E(502) 852-0394Email Angela Cline
Forrest, BrittneyRecruiting CoordinatorDuthie Center for Engineering, Room 106(502) 852-1033Email Brittney Forrest
Jackerson, AngelaCo-op AdvisorDuthie Center for Engineering, Room 106I(502) 852-0348Email Angela Jackerson
Keibler, MichaelCo-op AdvisorDuthie Center for Engineering, Room 106H(502) 852-0397Email Michael Kiebler
Kohler, EllieCo-op AdvisorDuthie Center for Engineering, Room 106F(502) 852-0395Email Ellie Kohler


Electrical & Computer Engineering
Duncan, Jane L.Administrative SpecialistW.S. Speed Hall, Room 200C(502) 852-7517Email Jane Duncan
Jackson, DouglasElectronics Research EngineerJohn Shumaker Research Bldg., Room 223(502) 852-0384Email Douglas Jackson


Engineering Fundamentals
Harper, V. MichelleAdministrative SpecialistJ.B. Speed, Room 109(502) 852-1574Email Michelle Harper


Industrial Engineering
White, Nancy D.Administrative SpecialistJ.B. Speed, Room 304(502) 852-6342Email Nancy White


Kentucky Pollution Prevention Center
Eakle, CherylSenior Sustainability EngineerShelby Campus, Burhans Hall(502) 852-4772Email Cheryl Eakle
Elswick, DebbieUnit Business ManagerShelby Campus, Burhans Hall(502) 852-0965Email Debbie Elswick
McCracken, ElisabethExecutive DirectorShelby Campus, Burhans Hall(502) 852-1564Email Elisabeth McCracken
O'Hara, KennethProgram ManagerShelby Campus, Burhans Hall(502) 852-3129Email Kenneth O'Hara
Toda, MarkSenior Sustainability EngineerShelby Campus, Burhans Hall(502)
Email Mark Toda
Mechanical Engineering
Jenne, DianeAdministrative SpecialistSackett Hall, Room 200(502) 852-6331Email Diane Jenne
Jones, John C.Manager, Technical ServicesSackett Hall, Room 200(502) 852-6339Email John Jones
Micro/Nano Technology Center
Aebersold, JuliaManager, MNTCJohn Shumaker Research Bldg., Room 231(502) 852-0613Email Julia Aebersold
McKenna, CurtisResearch Eng. ScientistJohn Shumaker Research Bldg.(502) 852-0672Email Curtis McKenna
Moiseeva, EvgeniyaSenior Micro/Nano Tech EngineerJohn Shumaker Research Bldg.(502) 852-0163Email Evgeniya Moiseeva
Sanchez-Galiano, Ana MarieProgram ManagerJohn Shumaker Research Bldg., Room 237(502) 852-0534Email Ana Marie Sanchez-Galiano
Wang, XiaojinSenior Micro/Nano Tech EngineerJohn Shumaker Research Bldg.(502) 852-7671Email Xiaojin Wang
Watson, MaryAdministrative SpecialistJohn Shumaker Research Bldg.(502) 852-1640Email Mary Watson


Speed Administration
Allen, Elaine C.Executive Asst to the DeanJ.B. SpeedBldg., Room 221A(502) 852-0406Email Elaine Allen
Booker, DemetriusGraphic Designer IIJ.B. Speed Bldg., Room LL16(502) 852-9071Email Demetrius Booker
Braden, Connie A.Asst. Dean, FinanceJ.B. SpeedBldg., Room 221E(502) 852-0407Email Connie Braden
Cecil, AshlyVideo Production SpecialistJ.B. SpeedBldg., Room LL16(502) 852-9081Email Ashly Cecil
Donahue, KariDirector, Communications & MarketingJ.B. SpeedBldg., Room 217(502) 852-6279Email Kari Donahue
Miller, W. MikeFacilities CoordinatorEngineering Garage, Room 121(502) 852-2838Email Mike Miller
Sanders, TheresaAdministrative AssociateJ.B. SpeedBldg., Room 221(502) 852-6281Email Theresa Sanders
Smith, JacquiResearch CoordinatorJ.B. Speed Bldg., Room 214(502) 852-6506Email Jacqui Smith


Speed Business Center
Cunningham, SusanBusiness Partner, Human ResourcesVogt Bldg., Suite 203(502) 852-6290Email Susan Cunningham
Gordon, JamieBusiness Center Asst., Sr.Vogt Bldg., Suite 203(502) 852-2332Email Jamie Gordon
Hance, RosieBusiness Center Asst., Sr.Vogt Bldg., Suite 203(502) 852-8925Email Rosie Hance
Heck, MissyBusiness Center Asst., Sr.Vogt Bldg., Suite 203(502) 852-1576Email Missy Heck
Hudson, DebbieBusiness Center Asst., Sr.Vogt Bldg., Suite 203(502) 852-6608Email Debbie Hudson
Jackson, KellyBusiness Partner, ResearchVogt Bldg., Suite 203(502) 852-1579Email Kelly Jackson
Metcalf, WendyBusiness Center Asst., Sr.Vogt Bldg., Suite 203(502) 852-0895Email Wendy Metcalf
Newton, Laura L.Acting ManagerVogt Bldg., Suite 203(502) 852-0403Email Laura Newton


Speed Development
Cordt, ChuckSenior Director of DevelopmentJ. B. Speed 206(502) 852-1017Email Chuck Cordt
Daily, MarkDirector of Development(502) 852-2400Email Mark Daily


Speed Technology Solutions
Hudson, BrentanSystems AnalystVogt Bldg., Room 203(502) 852-3010Email Brent Hudson
Ross, Travis
DirectorVogt Bldg., Room 203(502) 852-1525Email Travis Ross
Smith, LukeSystems AnalystVogt Bldg., Room 203(502) 852-0164Email Luke Smith
Smith, TaylorSystems AnalystVogt Bldg., Room 203(502) 852-7599Email Taylor Smith
Vangalur, Mani
Web DeveloperVogt Bldg., Room 203(502) 852-7306Email Mani Vangalur


Vogt Engineering Center
Gornet, TimothyManager, RPC OperationsVogt Bldg., Room 101B(502) 852-0714Email Timothy Gornet
Graf, GaryCoordinator, Technical ServicesVogt Bldg., Rapid Prototyping Center, 104(502) 852-7599Email Gary Graf
Rohr, TeresaAdministrative SpecialistVogt Bldg., Room 101(502) 852-7599Email Teresa Rohr
Tackett, EdDirector, Educational Programs, AMTCEngineering Garage(502) 852-7599Email Ed Tackett
Vicars, JoeLaser Development EngineerVogt Bldg., Rapid Prototyping Center, 104(502) 852-7599Email Joe Vicars

Updated: 06/05/19