Adel Elmaghraby

Professor, Dept. Chair, Computer Engineering & Computer Science


Adel S. Elmaghraby, an IEEE Senior Member, is professor and chair of the Computer Engineering and Computer Science Department at the University of Louisville. He has also held appointments at Carnegie Mellon’s Software Engineering Institute and the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and has advised over 60 master's graduates and 24 doctoral graduates. His research and publications span intelligent systems, neural networks, cyber-security, visualization and simulation. The IEEE-Computer Society has recognized his work with multiple awards including a Golden Core membership.

Academic Experience

Performance Evaluation, Simulation, Information Security and Forensics, Multimedia and Image Processing. Emerging Technologies and Innovation.

Research Experience/Activities

Network and Information forensics, Biomedical Imaging, Multimedia and Virtual Reality Systems. Artificial Intelligence, Performance Evaluation, Computer Modeling and Simulation. Human-Machine Systems. Logistics, Automation and Manufacturing. Distributed Systems, Bioinformatics applications.

Innovative and Emerging Technologies Lab

Service Experience

Community and Economic Development Related. World Affairs and Globalization.

Personal Info

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