Faculty Directory

NameTitleOffice #PhoneEmail
Bertocci, GinaProf.; Endowed Chair of Biomechanics
Health Science Research Tower 204(502) 852-0296Email Gina Bertocci
Bertocci, Karen FrostAsst. Prof.Health Science Campus, 110 Instructional Building B(502) 852-0279Email Karen Frost Bertocci
El-Baz, AymanAssoc. Prof., Interim Dept. Chair
Lutz Hall, Room 444(502) 852-5092Email Ayman El-Baz
Frieboes, Hermann B.
Asst. Prof.
Lutz Hall, Room 416 and CTRB 210
(502) 852-3302Email Hermann Frieboes
Giridharan, GuruprasadAssoc. ProfLutz Hall, Room 404(502) 852-2589Email Guruprasad Giridharan
Keynton, Robert S.Prof., Lutz Endowed Chair of Biomechanical DevicesShumaker Research Building, Room 357(502) 852-4436Email Robert Keynton
Koenig, SteveAssoc. Prof.,
Endowed Chair of Cardiac Implant Science
CII, Room 408 and Lutz Hall, Room 431(502) 852-7320Email Steve Koenig
O'Toole, MartinAsst. ProfLutz Hall, Room 411(502) 852-4044Email Martin O'Toole
Roussel, TommyAsst. Prof TermLutz Hall, Room 411(502) 852-3971Email Tommy Roussel
Soucy, KevinAssoc. Prof.CII, Room 409, Lutz Hall, Room 419G(502) 852-1891
Email Kevin Soucy
Soucy, PatriciaAsst. Prof.Shumaker Research Building, Room 356(502) 852-1705Email Patricia Soucy
Steinbach-Rankins, JillAsst. Prof.
Clinical & Translational Research, Rm. 623 502-852-5486Email Jill Steinbach-Rankins
Voor, MichaelAssoc. Prof.
Lutz Hall, Room 416(502) 852-7067Email Michael Voor
Chemical Engineering
NameTitleOffice #PhoneEmail
Amos, Delaina
Assoc. Prof.
Ernst Hall, Room 213(502) 852-4091Email Delaina Amos
Berson, R. EricAssoc. Prof.
Lutz Hall, Room 426(502) 852-1567Email Eric Berson
Fried, JoelProf., Dept. Chair
Ernst Hall, Room 111(502) 852-6350Email Joel Fried
Fu, XiaoanAssoc. Prof.
Ernst Hall, Room 309(502) 852-6349Email Xiaoan Fu
Kang, Kyung A.Prof.
Ernst Hall, Room 312(502) 852-2094Email Kyung Kang
Sathitsuksanoh, Noppadon L.Asst. Prof.
Ernst Hall, Room 216
(502) 852-6737Email Noppadon Sathitsuksanoh
Starr, Thomas L.Prof.
JB Speed Bldg., Room 206(502) 852-1073Email Thomas Starr
Sunkara, MahendraProf.
Ernst Hall, Room 102
(502) 852-8574Email Mahendra Sunkara
Watters, James C.Prof.
Ernst Hall, Room 113(502) 852-0802Email James Watters
Willing, GeroldAssoc. Prof.
Ernst Hall, Room 114(502) 852-7860Email Gerold Willing
Civil and Environmental Engineering
NameTitleOffice #PhoneEmail
Bhaskar, Nageshar R.Prof.W.S. Speed, Room 102(502) 852-4547Email Nageshar Bhaskar
Croasdaile, MichaelAsst. Prof.
W.S. Speed, Room 118(502) 852-4567Email Michael Croasdaile
French, Mark N.Prof.
W.S. Speed, Room 121(502) 852-0144Email Mark French
Ghasemi-Fare, OmidAsst. Prof.
W.S. Speed, Room 105(502) 852-4616Email Omid Ghasemi-Fare
Kim, YoungAsst. Prof.W.S. Speed, Room 104(502) 852-4565Email Young Kim
Li, Zhixia (Richard)Asst. Prof.W.S. Speed, Room 111(502) 852-2307Email Zhixiz (Richard) Li
McGinley, W. M. Endowed Chair,
W.S. Speed, Room 115(502) 852-4068Email W.M. McGinley
Mohsen, J. P.Prof., Dept. ChairW.S. Speed, Room 101(502) 852-4596Email J.P. Mohsen
Parola, A. C.Prof.
W.S. Speed, Room 104(502) 852-4599Email A.C. Parola
Rockaway, T. D.Asst. Prof.
W.S. Speed , Room 119(502) 852-3272Email T.D. Rockaway
Sun, ZhihuiAsst. Prof.
W.S. Speed, Room 112(502) 852-4583Email Zhihui Sun
Zhao,QianAsst. Prof.W.S. Speed, Room 101D(502) 852-4561Email Qian Zhao
Computer Science and Computer Engineering
NameTitleOffice #PhoneEmail
Altiparmak, NihatAsst. Prof.Duthie Center for Engineering, Room 209(502) 852-7533Email Nihat Altiparmak
Badia, AntonioAssoc. Prof.
Duthie Center for Engineering, Room 207(502) 852-0478Email Antonia Badia
Chang, Dar-JenAssoc. Prof.
J.B. Speed, Room 106(502) 852-0472Email Dar-Jen Chang
Desoky, AhmedAssoc. Prof.
Duthie Center for Engineering, Room 212(502) 852-0473Email Ahmed Desoky
Elmaghraby, Adel S.Prof., Dept. ChairDuthie Center for Engineering, Room 211(502) 852-0470Email Adel Elmaghraby
Frigui, HichemProf.
Duthie Center for Engineering, Room 218(502) 852-2009Email Hichem Frigui
Imam, Ibrahim N.Assoc. Prof.
Duthie Center for Engineering, Room 205(502) 852-0463Email Ibrahim Imam
Kantardzic, MehmedProf.
Duthie Center for Engineering, Room 210(502) 852-3703Email Mehmed Kantardzic
Kumar, AnupProf.
Duthie Center for Engineering, Room 217(502) 852-0471Email Anup Kumar
Lauf, Adrian P.Asst. Prof.Duthie Center for Engineering, Room 214(502) 852-0091Email Adrian Lauf
Nasraoui, OlfaEndowed Chair,
Duthie Center for Engineering, Room 206(502) 852-0191Email Olfa Nasraoui
Park, Juw WonAsst. Prof.
Duthie Center for Engineering, Room xxx(502) 852-xxxxEmail Juw Won Park
Rouchka, EricAssoc. Prof.
Duthie Center for Engineering, Room 208(502) 852-1695Email Eric Rouchka
Yampolskiy, RomanAssoc. Prof.
Duthie Center for Engineering, Room 215(502) 852-3624Email Roman Yampolskiy
Zhang, Hui (Harry)Asst. Prof.
Duthie Center for Engineering, Room 208(502) 852-0468Email Harry Zhang
Electrical and Computer Engineering
NameTitleOffice #PhoneEmail
Alphenaar, BruceProf., Dept. ChairW.S. Speed Hall, Room 200B(502) 852-1554Email Bruce Alphenaar
Amini, Amir A.Endowed Chair,
Lutz Hall, Room 409(502) 852-4767Email Amir Amini
Cohn, Robert W.Prof.Shumaker Research Bldg., Room 245(502) 852-7077Email Robert Cohn
Farag, AlyProf.Lutz Hall, Room 412(502) 852-7510Email Aly Farag
Faul, AndreAsst. Professor Term
W.S. Speed Hall, Room 201
(502) 852-0131Email Andre Faul
Harnett, Cindy K.Assoc. Prof.
Shumaker Research Bldg., Room 248(502) 852-0689Email Cindy Harnett
Inanc, TamerAssoc. Prof.
Lutz Hall, Room 447(502) 852-7508Email Tamer Inanc
Li, HongxiangAsst. Prof.
W.S. Speed Hall, Room 216
(502) 852-7958
Email Hongxiang Li
Lilly, JohnProf.
W.S. Speed Hall, Room 114(502) 852-7518Email John Lilly
McIntyre, MichaelAsst Prof.
W.S. Speed Hall, Room 200A(502) 852-7505Email Michael McIntyre
McNamara, ShamusAssoc. Prof.; Director, Micro/Nano Technology Center
Shumaker Research Bldg., Room 239
(502) 852-6704Email Shamus McNamara
Naber, John F.Prof.
Shumaker Research Bldg., Room 238(502) 852-7910Email John Naber
Popa, Dan O.Prof., Vogt Endowed Chair of Advanced Manufacturing
Shumaker Research Bldg., Rm 246(502) 852-1410Email Dan Popa
Walsh, Kevin M.Endowed Prof., Assoc. Dean for Research
Shumaker Research Bldg., Room 234(502) 852-0826Email Kevin Walsh
Welch, KarlaAssoc. Prof.Lutz Hall, Room 448(502) 852-3622Email Karla Welch
Zurada, Jacek M.Prof.
Lutz Hall, Room 405(502) 852-6314Email Jacek Zurada
Engineering Fundamentals
NameTitleOffice #PhoneEmail
Broering, TimAsst. Prof., Term
J.B. Speed, Room 114
(502) 852-7128Email Tim Broering
Crush, GaleAsst. Prof., Term
J.B. Speed, Room 121
(502) 852-0464Email Gail Crush
Eisenmenger, GaryInstructor, Term
J.B. Speed, Room 105
(502) 852-7101Email Gary Eisenmenger
Hieb, JeffAssoc. Prof.
J.B. Speed, Room 122
(502) 852-0465Email Jeff Hieb
Lewis, JamesAssoc. Prof.
J.B. Speed, Room 117
(502) 852-0481Email James Lewis
McNeil, Jacqueline C.Asst. Prof.
J.B. Speed, Room 105A
(502) 852-5751Email Jacqueline McNeil
Ralston, Patricia A. S.Prof., Dept. ChairJ.B. Speed, Room 112(502) 852-0479Email Patricia Ralston
Robinson, BrianAsst. Prof., Term
J.B. Speed, Room 113(502) 852-0469Email Brian Robinson
Thompson, Angela K.Asst. Prof.
J.B. Speed, Room 122(502) 852-0885Email Angela K. Thompson
Tyler, LarryProf.
J.B. Speed, Room 119(502) 852-0466Email Larry Tyler
Industrial Engineering
NameTitleOffice #PhoneEmail
Alexander, Suraj M.Prof., Dept. Chair,J.B. Speed, Room 304B(502) 852-0082Email Suraj Alexander
Bae, Ki-Hwan G.Asst. Prof.J.B. Speed, Room 307(502) 852-8858Email Ki-Hwan G. Bae
Bai, LihuiAssoc. Prof.
J.B. Speed, Room 308(502) 852-1416Email Lihui Bai
DePuy, Gail W.Prof., Assoc. Dean for Academic & Student Affairs
J.B. Speed, Room 221(502) 852-0115Email Gail DePuy
Gentili, MonicaAssoc. Prof.
J.B. Speed, Room xxx(502) 852-xxxxEmail Monica Gentili
Gerber, ErinAsst. Prof.
J.B. Speed, Room 312(502) 852-0401Email Erin Gerber
Gue, KevinProf., LoDI Director, Duthie Chair of Engineering Logistics
J.B. Speed, Room 209A(502) 852-7463Email Kevin Gue
Hardin, TimothyAsst. Prof.J.B. Speed, Room 310(502) 852-1697Email Tim Hardin
Saleem, JasonAsst. Prof.; Director, Center for ErgonomicsJ.B. Speed, Room 309(502) 852-2274Email Jason Saleem
Usher, John S.Prof.
J.B. Speed, Room 221(502) 852-0085Email John Usher
Wilhelm, Mickey R.Prof.
J.B. Speed, Room 221(502) 852-5637Email Mickey Wilhelm
Yang, LiAsst. Prof.J.B. Speed, Room 312(502) 852-2197Email Li Yang
Mechanical Engineering
NameTitleOffice #PhoneEmail
Atre, SundarProf.; Endowed Chair of Manufacturing and Materials
Sackett Hall, Room 202(502) 852-6335Email Sundar Atre
Berfield, Thomas A.Assoc. Prof.
Lutz Hall, Room 445(502) 852-7173Email Thomas Berfield
Bohm, MattAsst. Prof.
Sackett Hall, Room 212(502) 852-7749Email Matt Bohm
Bradshaw, RogerAssoc. Prof.
Sackett hall, Room 203(502) 852-6099Email Roger Bradshaw
Brehob, EllenAssoc. Prof.
Sackett Hall, Room 210(502) 852-7825Email Ellen Brehob
Cobourn, W. GeoffreyProf.
Sackett Hall, Room 214(502) 852-5058Email Geoffrey Cobourn
Day, Michael L.Assoc. Dean,
J.B. Speed, Room 214(502) 852-6195Email Michael Day
Hnat, William P.Prof.
Sackett Hall, Room 209(502) 852-6816Email William Hnat
Lian, YongshengAssoc. Prof.
Sackett Hall, Room 211
(502) 852-0804Email Yongsheng Lian
Murphy, KevinProf., Dept. ChairSackett Hall, Room 200(502) 852-6332Email Kevin Murphy
Osborne, GaryAsst. Prof. Term
Sackett Hall, Room 104(502) 852-6334Email Gary Osborne
Park, Yong "Sam"Asst. Prof.
Sackett Hall, Room 215(502) 852-7786Email Sam Park
Prater, GlenProf.
Sackett Hall, Room 217(502) 852-6560Email Glen Prater
Quesada, PeterProf.
Lutz Hall, Room 449(502) 852-5981Email Peter Quesada
Richards, ChristopherAssoc. Prof.
Sackett Hall, Room 201(502) 852-6336Email Christopher Richards
Sharp, M. KeithProf.
Shumaker Research Bldg., Room 358(502) 852-7280Email Keith Sharp
Williams, StuartAsst Prof.
Sackett Hall, Room 202A
(502) 852-6340Email Stuart Williams

Updated: 02/01/2016