Leadership Team

Office of the Dean

DeanDr. Emmanuel CollinsHeadshot of Dr. Emmanuel Collins, Dean of the J.B. Speed School of Engineering
Associate Dean of Strategic InitiativesDr. Michael L. Dayheadshot of Associate Dean Michael Day
Associate Dean of Academic & Student AffairsDr. Gail W. DePuyAssoc Dean Gail DePuy standing on the front porch of the JB Speed Building.
Associate Dean of Administration & Faculty AffairsDr. J.P. Mohsen
Dr. J.P. Mohsen, Chair of Civil & Environmental Engineering
Associate Dean of Research & Physical FacilitiesDr. Kevin WalshDr. Kevin M. Walsh
Assistant Dean of FinanceConnie A. Braden

Department Chairs

BioengineeringDr. Ayman El-BazDr. Ayman El-Baz
Chemical EngineeringDr. Joel FriedHeadshot of Joel Fried
Civil & Environmental EngineeringDr. Zhihui SunZhihui Sun
Computer Engineering & Computer ScienceDr. Adel S. ElmaghrabyHeadshot of Dr. Adel Elmaghraby
Electrical & Computer EngineeringDr. Bruce AlphenaarDr. Bruce Alphenaar
Engineering FundamentalsDr. Patricia A. S. RalstonDr. Patricia Ralston
Industrial EngineeringDr. Suraj AlexanderHeadshot of Dr. Suraj Alexander
Mechanical EngineeringDr. Kevin D. MurphyHeadshot of Dr. Kevin Murphy


DevelopmentChuck CordtHeadshot of Chuck Cordt
Kentucky Pollution Prevention Center (KPPC)Elisabeth McCracken
Conn Center for Renewable Energy Research (CCRER)Dr. Mahendra SunkaraHeadshot of Mahendra Sunkara
Logistics and Distribution Institute (LODI)Dr. Kevin GueHeadshot of Kevin Gue
Micro Nano Technology Center (MNTC)Dr. Shamus McNamara
Dr. Shamus McNamara
Rapid Prototyping Center (RPC)Dr. Tom Starrheadshot of Tom Starr

Updated: 04/08/2019