Clubs & Organizations

The J. B. Speed School of Engineering, recognizing the importance of the well-rounded person, encourages students to take part in extracurricular activities at the University. To that end, the student government, recognized student organizations (RSO's), and professional honor societies provide rich and varied opportunities to the student.  The student chapters of the national and local professional societies represent the various engineering disciplines and constituencies of the school.

Student GovernmentsFaculty AdvisorStudent Officer/Rep
Speed School Student Council Jerry Willing
(502) 852-7860
Email Dr. Willing
Tyler Poteet
Email Student Council President
Student Government Association

RSO'sFaculty AdvisorStudent Officer/Rep
American Institution of Chemical Engineers Jim Watters
(502) 852-0802
Email Dr. Watters

American Society of Civil Engineers /
Society of American Military Engineers

Tom Rockaway
(502) 852-3272
Email Dr. Rockaway

American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air Conditioning EngineersEllen Brehob
(502) 852-7825
Email Dr. Brehob

American Society of Mechanical EngineersThomas Berfield
(502) 852-7173
Email Dr. Berfield

Association for Computing Machinery Adrian Lauf
(502) 852-0091
Email Dr. Lauf

Email Speed ACM President
Biomedical Engineering Society Keith Sharp
(502) 852-7280
Email Dr. Sharp

Chemical Engineering Graduate Student Association (CHEGSA)
Jerry Willing
(502) 852-7860
Email Dr. Willing

Engineers Without BordersKeith Sharp
(502) 852-7280
Email Dr. Sharp

Human Factors & Ergonomics SocietyJason Saleem
(502) 852-2274
Email Dr. Saleem

Institute of Electrical & Electronic EngineersJohn Naber
(502) 852-7910
Email Dr. Naber

Institute of Industrial EngineersJohn Usher
(502) 852-0085
Email Dr. Usher

Institute for Operations Research and Management ScienceLihui Bai
(502) 852-1416
Email Dr. Bai

National Society of Black Engineers Delaina Amos
(502) 852-0440
Email Dr. Amos

Phi Sigma RhoKarla Welch
(502) 852-3622
Email Dr. Welch

Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency Club (RE3)John Naber
(502) 852-7910
Email Dr. Naber

Society of Automotive Engineers Keith Sharp
(502) 852-7280
Email Dr. Sharp

Society of Hispanic Professional EngineersMary Andrade
(502) 852-3196

Society of Women Engineers Patricia Soucy
(502) 852-0440
Email Dr. Soucy

Student AmbassadorsTom Brammer
(502) 852-0398
Email Tom Brammer

Triangle Fraternity

U of L RSO's
RSO Guidelines & Application
Honor SocietiesFaculty AdvisorStudent Officer/Rep
Alpha Pi Mu (Industrial)Dr. Jason Saleem
Email Dr. Saleem

Chi Epsilon (Civil)Nageshwar Bhaskar
Email Dr. Bhaskar

Eta Kappa Nu (Electrical)James Graham
Email Dr. Graham

Pi Tau Sigma (Mechanical)Roger Bradshaw
Email Dr. Bradshaw

Sigma Xi (Scientific Research) TBA

Tau Beta Pi (Engineering)Larry Tyler
Email Dr. Tyler

Patricia Ralston
Email Dr. Ralston

Jerry Willing
Email Dr. Willing

Upsilon Pi Epsilon (Computing)Eric Rouchka
Email Eric Rouchka

Student Tablet User Group

Updated: 3/7/2016