Yampolskiy Named to UofL Top 4 Faculty Favorites

Thirteen Speed School faculty members have been nominated for the 2013-2014 Faculty Favorites award. All faculty, staff, and graduate teaching assistants who were nominated received a formal letter of recognition from the Provost, along with a certificate, and are invited to attend the Faculty Favorite Reception, to be held during the lunch program at the 2015 Celebration of Teaching and Learning on Friday, February 6, 2015, at Shelby Campus.

As Speed faculty member with the most nominations, Roman Yampolskiy has been name in the "Top 4” Faculty Favorites. He will be recognized campus-wide through UofL Today and on a banner that is displayed on the front of Ekstrom Library in early February. Instructors are eligible to be featured as a "Top" Faculty Favorite every four years.

"Dr. Yampolskiy is a very detailed professor. He presents the material in a way that it makes it easier to understand. He never denied my request for help. He really cares about his students and their success." Cristina Heisler, BS '12, MEng '13

Students had this to say about Yampolskiy through their anonymous submissions:

  • “This professor makes computer programming intriguing in terms of possibilities.  His class makes me want to explore technological communications even further.  He is open-minded and understanding.”
  • “A wonderful professor who understand what it means to be a scholar.  One who is in touch with technology, problems, and solutions.  Few understand how to motivate and get students to push themselves and work.  Dr. Yampolskiy understands.”
  • “I would like to take this opportunity to nominate my favorite professor thus far at the University of Louisville--Dr. Yampolskiy of Speed School.  After transferring to UofL from the University of Kentucky, I was pleasantly surprised with the change in the quality of instruction provided by the faculty.  While I've had some struggles with the technicalities of Speed School, ... the quality of teaching that was afforded to me in my CECS 130 course (C/C++) was anything but a struggle.  In my opinion, Dr. Yampolskiy is the embodiment of the ideal professor--he is clearly an intelligent man, especially in regard to the material his course(s) cover; he is an extremely personable and understanding instructor, qualities I often found myself lusting for during my two years at UK's engineering program, only to be sorely disappointed; and he is also surprisingly witty, a quality that helps facilitate interaction between himself and his pupils, both in class and out of class, by making everyone around him feel more at ease and comfortable.  I truly feel I learned a great deal more than I might have had I had a different instructor for this course.   I do not typically make it a point to voice my opinion about people, and my perspective on them, but as you can see, this is an exception--just as Dr. Yampolskiy is to the teaching profession.  I highly recommend Dr. Yampolskiy for any and all accolades he may qualify for; he has greatly enhanced my experience here at UofL, and he has helped solidify my optimistic opinion on the school as a whole during the past (my first) semester here at the University of Louisville.”

Other Speed faculty who received nominations were:

Department Faculty Member
BioengineeringAyman El-Baz
BioengineeringHermann Frieboes
BioengineeringPatricia Soucy
Computer Engineering Computer ScienceIbrahim Imam
Computer Engineering Computer Science
Roman Yampolskiy
Civil & Environmental EngineeringMark French
Engineering Fundamentals
Larry Tyler
Industrial EngineeringTim Hardin
Mechanical EngineeringTom Berfield
Mechanical EngineeringJeffery Borden
Mechanical EngineeringGary Osborne
Mechanical EngineeringSam Park
Mechanical EngineeringStuart Williams

Jane Duncan, staff member in the Electrical & Computer Engineering department, also received a nomination for her support to students.

The Fall 2014 nomination period opens on November 17 and closes on December 19. The Spring 2015 nomination period runs April 6 through May 8.