Engineering Pair Elected to Regional Leadership Team

April 3, 2018

On March 23rd and 24th, the National Association for Engineering Student Councils (NAESC) held their annual Engineering Leadership Summit at Arizona State University in Tempe. Seven Speed School students attended the conference, which featured a variety of panel sessions, design competitions, and an opportunity to network with other student councils from around the country. It was during the conference that students Batuhan Ulasan, senior Mechanical Engineering major and the current Director of Student Activities in the Speed School Student Council, was elected to the position of Recruitment Coordinator and Zach Long, a sophomore Bioengineering major, was elected as the Relations Coordinator, both members of the Executive Leadership team in their region.

The goal of NAESC is to help students advocate, collaborate, and lead, by providing support to help grow burgeoning student council programs. During the conference, attendees sat in on panels including talks on how to engage potential students interested in STEM, networking opportunities with industry, and help learning to grow, build, and sustain your own council.

One of five regions, which includes five regions, Central, Midwest, North Atlantic, Southeast, and West, the Speed School falls into the Southeast Region, sitting in the northernmost portion of the area, and featuring a total of ten schools. As part of the Southeast Region, it falls to Ulasan and Long to help recruit and sustain potential new student councils to the area.

Photo of Batuan UlasanAs the Recruitment Coordinator, Ulasan plans to use the school and his fraternity’s resources as a start point for reaching out to potential candidates. In order to do that, Ulasan has to find councils that are comprised of the main student body and not run out of the Dean’s office of their respective school. Coordinating with the executive leadership team, one of his goals is to grow the overall pool of councils in the region, which at the moment is not quite the largest.

“We were fortunate enough to get elected for regional positions," Ulasan said. "There is a lot of room to grow. Based on the four-year plan, we’ll be trying to add at least one to two new members to the Regional Leadership Team.”

Photo of Zach LongFor Long, the Regional Relations Coordinator, his objective is to help develop sponsorships to develop much needed funding to grow a nascent organization, from connecting with employers to creating relationships with top engineering leaders and industry in the area.

Long says, “With my position I can start reaching out there, and getting UofL there too. I’ll probably work with the co-op office, because I know they have a lot of contacts. I have various connections through Boy Scouts and stuff like that.”

Continuing he adds of the virtues of operating in within a larger body of councils, “Since we do have other schools in the region, we can count on them too. If Batu can’t be at a conference for some reason, they can send someone.”

With positions on the filled annually, the member of each regional leadership team has developed a forward thinking continuity plan that privileges building up the relationship between the elected position as well as the relationship between the individual elected, while also incoming students to participate in future conferences.

“We really encourage young leaders to come. For Freshman leadership, they can come along with us," said Long. "That’s what I did last October. I went and just fell in love.”