Speed School students recognized with Graduate Dean's Citations

Dr. Beth A. Boehm, Interim Dean of the School of Interdisciplinary and Graduate Studies is very pleased to announce honors to be awarded to graduate students during the December 19th  commencement events.

Speed School students recognized were:

The John M. Houchens Prize for Outstanding Dissertation

Ahmed Abd-Elrahman Elnakib
Ph.D. Electrical Engineering
Mentor:  Co-Chairs Associate Professor Ayman El-Baz and Associate Professor Tamer Inanc

The Graduate Dean’s Citations
Mostafa Aly Ahmed Abdelrahman
Ph.D. Electrical Engineering
Mentor:  Professor Aly Farag

Artur Abdullin
Ph.D. Computer Science and Engineering
Mentor:  Assistant Professor Olfa Nasaroui

Ahmed Abd-Elrahman Elnakib
M.Eng. Electrical Engineering
Mentor:  Co-Chairs Associate Professor Ayman S. El-Baz and Associate Professor Tamer Inanc

Mingxiao Li
Ph.D. Chemical Engineering
Mentor:  Assistant Professor Sean Fu

Abdallah Abd Elghafar Mohamed
Ph.D. Computer Science and Engineering
Mentor:  Associate Professor Roman Yampolskiy

Minqi Zhu
Ph.D. Chemical Engineering
Mentor:  Associate Professor Moises Carreon 

Nominations were solicited from Chairpersons, Director's of Graduate Studies, and the graduate faculty at-large.  The Scholarship and Awards Committee of the Graduate Council reviewed all nominations and made recommendations for the awards.