Accio Coding: the science of Harry Potter!

November 14, 2018

 On Saturday, November 17, students in first through fifth grade are invited to the Harry Potter Coding Camp, a student outreach opportunity that allows participants to create magic with Kano’s Harry Potter Coding Wand.

The wand, which is included in the cost of the camp, allows children to engage in simple block coding. Block codes are common forms of error-correcting code with a wide range of applications. The wands interact with a tablet or laptop to transform your work from engineering to magic.

“Harry Potter has a huge following, and what better way to get children exposed to basic coding then connecting it to something they may have a huge passion for, said Ben CraigAcademic Counselor, Sr. “It may end up being the spark that sets them on a path to wanting to become an engineer.”

The cost of the event is currently $50 (wand not included) or $150 ($99 wand and software included). Tablets and laptops are not included in the camp. You can learn more about compatible hardware here. Payment is made on the day of the event, with discounts offered to employees of the university upon registration.