Oliner wins Provost Award for Exemplary Advising

March 7, 2018

olinerNatalie_headshoteSince 1989, each year one member of the full-time faculty and one staff member whose primary job responsibility is in advising are nominated for the Provost Award for Exemplary Advising. This year Natalie Oliner was announced as recipient of the award, which celebrates her contributions to the student and academic culture at the Speed School.The award recognizes excellence in advising acumen; a working knowledge of the evolving institutional regulations, policies, and procedures; and a commitment to continuing to improve the lives and experiences of the students they work with. 

Since coming to UofL in 2014, Oliner has helped to create and facilitate Speed Spectrum, the LGBT organization for the engineering community. In 2017, Oliner received the Advisor of the Year Award for a recognized student organization (RSO), honoring her commitment to diversity. Oliner remains engaged in championing otherness, in making anyone who might feel vulnerable to feel like part of a community, all while providing excellence in her advising responsibilities.

“Reading such kind words from my colleagues and students about brought me to tears." said Oliner. "It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day tasks of one’s job, so to sit back and realize that your hard work is not only recognized, but making a difference in the lives of students is truly invaluable and meaningful to me. It’s always nice to have a reminder for why I wanted to pursue higher education and academic advising in the first place.” 

Nominated by her peers, the process requires the nominee to hold a University's Master Advisor Certification (MAC), and 3-5 letters of support advocating their candidacy. Of eleven professional academic advisors chosen, Natalie was picked to win the award by a selection committee consisting of mostly academic advisors.

“Natalie receiving this award is no surprise as she is a role model for Academic Counselors. Her passion for higher education, student development and success is seen throughout her work. Our students benefit from her knowledge of engineering education and ability to assist in their barriers throughout college," said Heidi Neal, Director of Student Success and Interim Asst. Dean of Student Affairs. "Natalie works tirelessly for her students and to create an inclusive environment at Speed School. We are extremely proud of her achievements and have her as a colleague.”