UofL to host KY Nanotechnology and Additive Manufacturing Symposium

June 26, 2018

 On August 1 and 2, the Kentucky Multiscale Network will host the KY Nanotechnology and Additive Manufacturing Symposium. Subtitled “Strengthening Industry Collaborations with Academia,” the event intends to unite researchers and industry in advanced manufacturing fields including additive manufacturing and micro/nanotechnology for opportunities to learn more about how each facility can benefit prospective users. The symposium will feature talks on experts in fields related to advanced manufacturing, including speakers on additive manufacturing, 3D printing, and micro-nano-technology.

The symposium is chaired by Dr. Kevin Walsh, Speed School Associate Dean of Research and Facilities, and coordinated by program manager Ana Marie Sanchez-Galiano, with the cooperation of a multi-disciplinarian organizing committee from across both universities. Where previous symposiums have focused only on industry, this symposium looks to expand to include academia as well, with sessions running in parallel.

“Sometimes industry has that challenge, working with universities, and know where to go,” said Sanchez-Galiano. “We like the industry members to come and visit, but we help a lot of internal clients as well in academia.”

KY Multi-scale

Comprised of four core facilities here at the University of Louisville, including the Rapid Prototyping Center, the Conn Center for Renewable Research, and two Micro-Nano Technology Centers, and four centers at the University of Kentucky, the KY Multiscale Network works to provide opportunities for academia and industry alike to make use of the extensive multi-scale manufacturing resources from the Universities of Louisville and Kentucky.

Funded through the National Science Foundation, specifically through the National Nanotechnology Coordinated Network, the organization serves as a guide to interested parties who may find their opportunities overwhelming.

“It’s a network. It’s almost like Linkedin for all these core facilities. Our purpose is to help these core facilities. We help financially a little,” Sanchez-Galiano said. “We also have provide for workshops that will help people in the core facilities to learn more about the processes.”

How to participate

This event is open to all scientists, engineers, or students interested in learning more about microtechnology, 3D printing, additive manufacturing, renewable energies, biotechnology and beyond. Interested presenters can answer the call for abstracts at the link. You can find more information at the KYmultiscale.net website.