IEEE Recognizes Dr. Amini with the Distinguished Lecturer Award

The world’s largest professional association for the advancement of technology, the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), has honored Dr. Amir Amini, Speed School’s Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Endowed Chair in Bioimaging, with the Distinguished Lecturer Award for Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBS). Dr. Amini has a long list of professional accolades which can be viewed at his webpage .

Medical imaging became a technical area of interest for Dr. Amini since he had a strong interest in signal and image processing and gravitated towards the analytical methods that Electrical Engineering offered. Recognizing that the field of medical imaging has revolutionized medical diagnostics (it is on the list of the top 20 engineering achievements of the 20th Century by the National Academy of Engineering), he decided to devote his career to better the human condition through contributing to the field of medical imaging.  At the University of Louisville, where significant effort is devoted to research on cardiovascular disease, one area that his group has focused attention on is development of cutting edge MRI methods for imaging blood flow.The video below is result of joint work with colleagues in the Department of Medicine, Cardiovascular Division, and  with his recent Ph.D. graduate, Dr. MJ Negahdar, who as of August has joined Speed School as Research Associate of Electrical Engineering:

View video of 4D Magnetic Resonance flow imaging method

The video displays results from a new 4D Magnetic Resonance flow imaging method which was utilized to acquire the through-plane velocity components of blood exiting the heart as a function of time in the systolic phase of the cardiac cycle through the aortic valve of a normal volunteer.

" I feel energized by students at Speed School and have a keen interest in passing on my excitement for signal and image processing and medical imaging to them.  I also work with my M. Eng., M.S., and Ph.D. students on a daily basis to ensure that they receive a solid foundation in performing medical imaging research and that they move on to successful industrial and academic careers." -Dr. Amini.

The Medical Imaging Laboratory's recent graduates have been placed in top academic (Stanford and Yale) and industrial labs (Philips Medical Systems).

"The University of Louisville and J.B. Speed School of Engineering have provided me with an environment to flourish and to develop a research program that has resulted in this professional award. The award has already resulted in travel to several institutions in the US and will soon take me to places as far as Chile, Argentina, Peru, and Malaysia where I will be an academic ambassador for the University and will deliver lectures on our research. Even though I am not from Louisville, I feel a strong sense of pride in the University, the Speed School, and the Department of Electrical Engineering." - Dr. Amini.

J.B. Speed School recognizes excellence in undergraduate & graduate education; our engineering school takes pride in faculty members such as Dr. Amini for reaching outstanding professional accomplishments such as this one.

"The field of medical imaging is truly an exciting field of research and it is where engineers are making significant impact and improving human health through their innovation and research.  It is a field that is at the cross roads of traditional areas of engineering such as signal and image processing with clinical diagnostics." -Dr. Amini