Dr. Kevin Gue Receives 2017 Reed-Apple Award

November 13, 2017

Headshot of Kevin GueDirector of the Logistics and Distribution Center (LoDI) and professor in the department of Industrial Engineering, Dr. Kevin Gue was recently awarded the 2017 Reed-Apple Award, a lifetime achievement award that recognizes industry leaders who have made exceptional and continuing contributions to material handling and material handling education. 

“I am one of very few researchers whose entire career has been focused on the material handling field. I’ve been fortunate to have had a couple of good ideas that were well-received by the industry and by my colleagues," Gue said. "All of my research has come from collaboration with good friends and colleagues. I am especially grateful to John Bartholdi at Georgia Tech, Russ Meller at Fortna (and formerly the University of Arkansas), and Kai Furmans at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology—all brilliant scholars who have helped shape my career.”

The award was given by The Materials Handling Education Foundation, a philanthropic arm of MHI, a trade group representing the material handling and logistics industry. His career continues to evolve with his research, working towards efficiency measures for warehousing intended to reduce labor costs. That includes innovations in the field of logistics, ongoing research addressing order fulfillment for e-commerce and high-density, and puzzle-based material handling.

Looking forward he explains, “I plan to extend my work with Kai Furmans at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology on the subject of decentralized control of modular material handling systems. The idea is to develop material handling systems that behave like Legos, in that you can plug them together to perform specific functions, then reconfigure them easily to do something else. We remain hopeful that these ideas will find applications in industry in the near future.”

Gue believes that he could not have succeeded in his efforts without the help of his colleagues and peers along the way. Humbled by his accolades, he admits, “It’s always nice to be appreciated. I am thankful for the long standing relationships I have had with leaders at MHI and the Material Handling Education Foundation, and for the many great colleagues who have helped me along the way. Research and education is a team sport.”