Faculty Favorites Named For 2016-2017

Tom BerfieldThirty members of the Speed Faculty were recognized as 2016-2017 Faculty Favorites, with representatives from each department. Joining the Speed School in 2008, Dr. Thomas Berfield has garnered accolades from his students for his engaging teaching methods. A member of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, Berfield is approachable, available, and committed to making his class as memorable as it is informative. 

Students had this to say about Berfield through their anonymous submissions:

  • Tom is excellent as a teacher. Normally it is difficult to get a large class to engage in a lecture but Tom manages to do so. Through loads of diagrams and object lessons such as "the exploration of how a pressure vessel could rupture through a comparison with hot dogs, then the class gets to eat the hot dogs" lets him connect with his students. He always is kind and friendly with his students. I can think of no better option for the faculty favorite choice for the fall semester of 2016.”
  • Dr. Berfield is the best professor I've had, and he makes class enjoyable and simple. If you need help, he is there to help and will make sure you understand the content.
  • I had the pleasure of taking Dr. Berfield's 'Experimental Stress Analysis' class this semester and thoroughly enjoyed the class setting and material. Teacher is very approachable and is willing to help.
  • "T Berf was great, effectively taught the material, was available outside of class to answer questions and clarify material, provided lots of help for the ME 324 Lab, overall a great professor and great guy. The hot dogs were a great bonus too."

Other Speed faculty who received nominations were:

DepartmentFaculty Member
BioengineeringNathan Brown
BioengineeringAyman El-Baz
BioengineeringHermann Frieboes
BioengineeringSteven Koenig
BioengineeringJonathan Kopechek
BioengineeringMartin O'Toole
BioengineeringTommy Rousel
Chemical EngineeringJames Watters
Civil & Environmental EngineeringMark French
Civil & Environmental EngineeringW. Mark McGinley
Computer Engineering Computer ScienceAntonia Badia
Computer Engineering Computer ScienceIbrahim Imam
Computer Engineering Computer ScienceRoman Yampolskiy
Engineering FundamentalsJeff Hieb
Engineering FundamentalsPatricia Ralston
Engineering FundamentalsLarry Tyler
Industrial EngineeringLihui Bai
Mechanical EngineeringJeffery Borden
Mechanical EngineeringEllen Brehob
Mechanical EngineeringKevin Murphy
Mechanical EngineeringGary Osborne
Mechanical EngineeringSam Park
Mechanical EngineeringGlen Prater
Mechanical EngineeringSrinivasan Rasipuram
Mechanical EngineeringChris Richards
Mechanical EngineeringStuart Williams

For the full list click here.  

The Fall 2017 nomination period opens on November 13 and closes on December 15. The Spring 2018 nomination period opens on April 2 and closes on May 4.