Doctoral hooding ceremony held May 11

May 11, 2018

Dr. Beth A. Boehm, Dean of the School of Interdisciplinary and Graduate Studies has announced award and honors recipients for the Spring 2018 Commencement.

These individuals were nominated by their program's Chair, Director of Graduate Studies or their faculty mentor. After careful review by The Scholarship and Awards Committee of the Graduate Council, these individuals were recognized as outstanding in their respective disciplines.

The following students were invited to the Doctoral Hooding and Graduation Ceremony on Friday, May 11, 2018, 3:00 PM, KFC Yum! Center. During the ceremony, doctoral recipients will participate, with their faculty mentors, in the vesting ceremony and will have their degrees conferred by Interim President Dr. Greg Postel.

The following students have completed their Ph.D. and are recipients of the Graduate Dean's Citation:

  • Lee Alan Evans
    Industrial Engineering
    Assistant Professor Ki-Hwan Bae
    Dissertation: Simulation-Based Analysis and Optimization of the U.S. Army Performance Appraisal System
  • Robert Warren Stallard
    Electrical Engineering
    Associate Professor Karla Conn Welch
    Dissertation: Longitudinal Tracking of Physiological State with Electromyographic Signals

The following students have completed their Ph.D.:

  • Austin Levi Carver
    Electrical Engineering
    Professor Bruce Alphenaar
    Dissertation: Development of a Capacitive Photocurrentscanning Microscope with Carrier Depletion Super-Resolution
  • Jung Won Cha
    Electrical Engineering
    Professor Amir Amini
    Dissertation: Segmentation, Tracking, Kinematics of Lung Parenchyman and Lung Tumors from 4D CT with Application to Radiation Planning
  • Milad Ebrahimi
    Civil Engineering
    Associate Professor Thomas Rockaway
    Dissertation: Assessment and Optimization of Environmental Systems Using Data Analysis and Simulation
  • Heba Mohamed Elgazzar
    Computer Science and Engineering
    Professor Adel Elmaghraby
    Dissertation: Network Science Algorithms for Mobile Networks
  • Shade Awad El-Hadik
    Computer Science and Engineering
    Associate Professor Ahmed Desoky
    Dissertation: Cognitive Performance Application
  • Gerhard Koch
    Industrial Engineering
    Professor Gail DePuy
    Dissertation: Multi-Self-Adapting Particle Swarm Optimization (MSAPSO) 
  • Sowmya Kolli
    Electrical Engineering
    Professor Bruce Alphenaar
    Dissertation: Vertical Gallium Nitride Schottky diodes for Power Switching Applications
  • Yi Li
    Computer Science and Engineering
    Professor Adel Elmaghraby
    Dissertation: Designing Interactive Virtual Environments with Feedback in Health Application
  • Anju Panicker Madhusoodhanan Sathik
    Computer Science and Engineering
    Professor Hichem Frigui
    Dissertation:  A Framework for Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) Scene Retrieval from Medical Simulation Videos Based on Object and Activity Detection
  • Venkata Karthik Nadimpalli
    Industrial Engineering
    Assistant Professor Li Yang
    Dissertation: Ultrasonic Nondestructive Evaluation of Metal Additive Manufacturing
  • Pablo Robinson Rivera
    Electrical Engineering
    Associate Professor Michael McIntyre
    Dissertation: Grid-Connected Photovoltaic Systems Based on Nonlinear Control
  • Emur Saka
    Computer Science and Engineering
    Professor Eric Rouchka
    Dissertation: Region Based Gene Expression Via Reanalysis of Publicly Available Microarray Data Sets
  • Andrew Hardesty Work Jr. 
    Mechanical Engineering
    Associate Professor Yongsheng Lian
    Dissertation: The Measurement of the Adhesion of Glaze Ice