Doctoral candidates to participate in hooding ceremony

Dr. Beth A. Boehm, Dean of the School of Interdisciplinary and Graduate Studies has announced award and honors recipients for the Spring 2015 Commencement.

These individuals were nominated by their program's Chair, Director of Graduate Studies or their faculty mentor. After careful review by The Scholarship and Awards Committee of the Graduate Council, these individuals were recognized as outstanding in their respective disciplines.

The following students were invited to the Doctoral Hooding and Graduation Ceremony on Friday, May 8, 2015, 4:00 PM, Kentucky International Convention Center. During the ceremony, doctoral recipients will participate, with their faculty mentors, in the vesting ceremony and will have their degrees conferred by President James Ramsey.

The John Richard Binford Memorial Award will be presented during the May 8th ceremony. The Binford Award is presented to the doctoral degree recipient who excels in both scholarship and leadership within his or her discipline. This year's recipient is:

  • Abdallah Eteleeb
    Computer Science and Engineering;
    Associate Professor Eric Rouchka
    Dissertation:  An Island-Based Approach for RNA-Seq Differential Expression Analysis

Speed School students receiving the Graduate Dean’s Citations are:

  • Venkata Durgaprasad Gullapalli
    Civil Engineering; Professor Mark French
    Dissertation:  Nanoscale Electrode Architectures for Electrochemical Energy Conversion and Storage
  • Eslam Abdelfattah Mostafa
    Electrical Engineering; Professor Aly Farag
    Dissertation:  Face Modeling for Face Recognition in the Wild
  • Matthew Joseph Nitzken
    Electrical Engineering; Co-Chairs Associate Professor Ayman El-Baz and Associate Professor Tamer Inanc
    Dissertation:  Shape Analysis of the Human Brain

    The following students have completed their Ph.D.:

      • Behnaz Abdollahi
        Electrical Engineering; Co-Chairs Assistant Professor Hermann Frieboes and Assistant Professor Karla Welch
        Dissertation:  Computational Methods to Predict and Enhance Decision Making with Biomedical Data
      • Marc Bjoern Beck
        Computer Science and Engineering;
        Co-Chairs Associate Professor Roman Yampolskiy and Associate Professor Ahmed Desoky
        Dissertation:  A Forensic Software Toolkit for DNA Steganalysis
      • Raymond Rex Dsouza
        Mechanical Engineering; Professor Gina Bertocci
        Dissertation:  Development of a Surrogate Bruising Detection System to Describe Potential Bruising Patterns Associated with Common Childhood Falls
      • Shuangshuang Jiang
        Computer Science and Engineering;
        Professor Hichem Frigui
        Dissertation:  Semantic Indexing of Video Simulations for Enhancing Medical Care During Crises
      • Shanshan Li
        Civil Engineering;
        Associate Professor Thomas Rockaway
        Dissertation:  Comprehensive Assessment of the Performance of Stormwater best Management Practices on Belknap Campus at University of Louisville
      • Arsalan Paleshi
        Industrial Engineering; Co-Chairs Professor Gerald Evans and Assistant Professor Ki-Hwan Bae
        Dissertation:  Simulation-Based Optimization of Mitigation Strategies for Pandemic Influenza
      • Daniel Allen Porter
        Mechanical Engineering;
        Associate Professor Thomas Berfield
        Dissertation:  Bi-Stable Buckled Energy Harvesters Actuated Via Torque Arms
      • Ata Radfar
        Civil Engineering;
        Associate Professor Thomas Rockaway
        Dissertation:  Artificial Neural Network Models for the Analysis of Permeable Pavement Performance
      • John Lawrence Tatarko
        Chemical Engineering;
        Associate Professor Gerold Willing
        Dissertation:  The Production, Properties, and Applications of the Zinc Imidazolate ZIF-8
      • Venkat Kalyan Vendra
        Chemical Engineering; Co-Chairs Professor Mahendra Sunkara and Associate Professor Delaina Amos
        Dissertation:  Nanoscale Electrode Architectures for Electrochemical Energy Conversion and Storage