DePuy named Associate Dean of Academic Affairs

Dr.  Gail W. DePuy has taken over the role of Associate Dean for Academic Affairs from Dr. Michael Day at the J.B Speed School of Engineering. Dr. Day will return to teaching after a sabbatical during the spring 2015 semester. Dr. DePuy is a Professor of Industrial Engineering, and has been a faculty member at the Speed School since 1995. She is highly regarded as an educator for her teaching excellence, concern for student engagement and welfare, and innovation in the classroom.

During her tenure at the University of Louisville, Dr. DePuy has won numerous teaching awards.  Her area of scholarship is manufacturing logistics. She has led a successful research program that has attracted over $2.4 Million in external research funds. Dr. DePuy's research program has greatly benefited a large number of our students at the bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral levels.

Dr. DePuy served as Director of Graduate Programs in Industrial Engineering,  and chairs the Speed School Graduate Education Committee. She has been extensively involved as a leader in curriculum development both at the graduate and undergraduate levels. Dr. DePuy  is passionate about programs that support pathways for children to learn about science and engineering and strengthen diversity in engineering.