Day Two of Spring Career Fair Provides an Opportunity for Students to Find Potential Employers

February 23, 2018

More than 60 companies were on hand for the Spring 2018 Engineering Career Fair. Held again in the University Club, the event serves as a recruiting opportunity for students hungry for experience, be that in discovering a co-op opportunity or in discovering a potential employer. Students prepared with mock interviews, touching up their resumes with the assistance of the Co-op Center, and using resources like Symplicity to get ready when speaking with possible employers.

The event took up three separate rooms at the University Club, the walls lined with a variety of possibilities. Each potential employer was broken down not only by what specific majors they sought, but with a special note as to whether or not they employed Speed School alumni, who in some cases were present to speak.

For Audrey Duke, a Master’s Chemical Engineering student who graduated last year, personality is the x-factor that makes a candidate stand out. A countermeasure design engineer at the Naval Surface Warfare Center, Duke works as part of a team to in the countermeasure branch, involving flares, decoys, and chaff, where she helps design systems for submarines, fighter jets, and the various defense systems used in battle. It’s that team that she values the most.

“Speed School helped me to sell myself. You have to be able to talk to people," Duke said. "They had mock interviews you had to do before you had co-op even. At work, we need self-starters. You’re not going to get work unless you’re going out of your way to get projects and work with people. Speed School helped with that. We’re looking for people who are outgoing, who can talk to us.”

Like many students, Bioengineering major Morgan Van Riseman had a specific objective in mind, a strategy for who she wanted to speak with. Using Symplicity to inform her choices, Van Riseman plotted a course and pre-prepared her questions. Ultimately though, she was most impressed by the breadth of her available options.

“There have been a lot of great companies that are out here today," said Van Riseman. "It’s great that I don’t have to just talk to Bioengineering companies, I can talk to Industrial Engineering companies if that’s what I’m interested in.”