Walsh named Associate Dean of Research

Dr. Kevin Walsh assumed the position of Associate Dean of Research at the J.B. Speed School of Engineering in January of this year. Since 1980, Dr. Walsh has taught at the university as a member of the Electrical and Computer Engineering faculty. His teaching experience includes work in Microfabrication, MEMS, Semiconductor Physics, Circuits, Electronics, and Calculus. His research includes work with MEMS, No-power Sensors, Nanotechnology, Bistable Devices, Novel 3D Microfabrication Strategies, and Engineering Education.

During his tenure, Dr. Walsh founded and subsequently directed the Micro Nano Technology Clean Room, which started in 1997. He has a history of administrative experience including running the core facility, serving as the president of the Speed Faculty Council, and chairing the Research and Scholarship Committee.

"My position wasn’t well defined. It’s not like do this and this and this,” says Dr. Walsh explaining, “One of the goals when they created this position was to increase research and research dollars. I spend a decent amount of time just overseeing the renovations and doing brainstorming on physical resources to the departments. A fair amount of my time is that."

Dr. Walsh has an array of initiatives meant to encourage growth in terms of research dollars.

“I used to be a tennis coach. I think coaching you tend to spend a lot of time with your young people," Walsh said. "They are the ones that are going to be the nucleus of your program. We’ve reached out to the new faculty. I think if I can get the new faculty successful, it sets them and the school up for future success.”