Industrial Engineering student Alisha Davis-Kent crowned Ms. Cardinal 2018

January 22, 2018

Ms and Mr Cardinal 2018On Sunday, January 21st at a Cardinals basketball game, fifth year industrial engineering student Alisha Davis-Kent was recognized as UofL Ms. Cardinal 2018, an honor awarded to to seniors in honor of their high academic achievement and contributions to the university. Davis-Kent balances her time between NSBE, her work with Outreach, and her studies, which she plans to wrap up soon. While Davis-Kent already has a position lined up post-graduation as part of GE Aviation in Cincinnati, she stays grounded at the university, putting one foot in front of the other.

Davis-Kent grew up in Louisville, Kentucky, attending high school at DuPont Manual, where she was crowned Ms. Manual, the high school equivalent to her current accolade. As a Porter Scholar, academic excellence is imperative to her continued success, but one that she was happy to work towards. Struggling to achieve the academic requirements for the Speed School, Davis-Kent enrolled as an A&S student to get her grade point average up. During her sophomore year, Davis-Kent was welcomed into the Speed School, where she has worked since.

“My UofL Story lines up with the qualities of our University in the sense that we face many challenges, but we remain steadfast in our goals towards excellence. I think it speaks to the university as a whole, but the students who come into UofL that they’re able to write their own story,” says Davis-Kent.

For Davis-Kent, the title of Ms. or Mr. Cardinal applies to anyone that reflects the core values of community service and academic achievement intrinsic to the spirit of the University. According to the application, the award is bestowed to an outstanding senior as Mr. and Ms. Cardinal. This award is based on academic achievement, extra-curricular activities, contributions to the University, an explanation of what the "Mr. and Ms. Cardinal Award" means to the applicants as well as an interview by a panel of judges.

Davis-Kent says, “I don’t know how much it speaks outside of the people in Louisville KY, but definitely people here, not just university wide, but city wide, it’s a great achievement. I’m honored to hold the title.”

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