Retired faculty thanked for their years of dedication

Nine Speed School faculty have retired from full-time teaching as part of the Voluntary Separation Incentive Program announced by President Ramsey in his 21st Century Status Report.

Civil & Environmental Engineering
Louis Cohn
Civil & Environmental EngineeringRoswell Harris
Civil & Environmental EngineeringRobert Ullrich
Civil & Environmental EngineeringBrenda Hart
Engineering FundamentalsMel J. Maron
Electrical & Computer EngineeringJames Graham
Electrical & Computer EngineeringBarry Horowitz
Industrial EngineeringWilliam Biles
Industrial EngineeringGerald Evans

"Losing over 300 years of experience from the Speed School is a huge loss, and we are grateful for their many years of dedicated service," said Neville Pinto, Dean. "We wish them all the best in their retirements."