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NASA at the E-Expo: Jennifer Layton Announced as Keynote Speaker

Written by: Lubna Hindi

Kennedy Space Center employee Jennifer Layton will give the 2014 E-Expo keynote address.With E-Expo only a few days away, Speed School Student Council (SSSC), faculty, and staff are rushing to get everything ready for a day filled with competitions, activities, lab tours, and a special keynote speaker. In the past, the SSSC has had a diverse group of people as keynote speakers including Stephan Turnipseed, President of Lego Education, Jackie Swisher, Industrial Engineer at the Walt Disney Company, and Joe Adams, President of the Discovery Science Center. 

The Keynote Speaker is there to introduce students to all the different opportunities available in the engineering field and get them excited about the field they’re going to be working in. This year, UofL is excited to announce Jennifer Layton as the Keynote Speaker. She speak about her experience as a NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) and a KSC (Kennedy Space Center) employee.

Layton began working at NASA in 2009 in the Center Operations Support Branch at KSC in Cape Canaveral, Fl. She is a member of the Alternative Fuel Vehicle Program and is responsible for co-managing the KSC Alternative Fuel Vehicle Strategy Plan to ensure the analysis, planning, and communications are integrated and aligned with NASA/KSC agency mission and goals. 

She strives to work with industry-leading sustainable fleet technology to reduce petroleum consumption in accordance with various government executive orders. This allows her to support outreach events in sustainability, green technology, and the promotion of science, technology, engineering, and mathematical education with the KSC Speaker’s Bureau.

Ms. Layton graduated with honors from North Carolina State University where she served as the Campus Community Committee Chair, Student Senate, and was a four-year women’s rugby player. She participated in the study abroad program and had the opportunity to attend Universidad de Blais Pascal in Cordoba, Argentina.

Outsider of her professional career, Layton enjoys volunteering with local youth athletic programs, providing academic and foreign language tutoring assistance, and plans to enroll in a master’s program this upcoming fall. 

Layton will speak at E-Expo on Saturday, March 1st at 1 p.m. in Ernst Hall, Room 103. Don’t miss it!

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