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Department of Engineering Fundamentals receives Paul Weber Award

Department of Engineering Fundamentals receives Paul Weber Award

Speed School Dean Mickey Wilhelm, Department Chair Patricia Ralston, faculty members James Leach, Larry Tyler, and James Lewis were present on behalf of the Department of Engineering Fundamentals to receive a $20,000 Paul Weber Award.

Department Chair of Engineering Fundamentals and Professor Patricia Ralston was presented with a $20,000 Paul Weber Award on Thursday, Nov. 5, 2009, from UofL Provost Shirley Willihnganz.

The Paul Weber Awards for Departmental Excellence in Teaching support exemplary curricular achievement by departments or small schools. These awards were developed to accomplish the following:

  •  Recognize departments who are engaged in sustained efforts to promote teaching excellence through implementing best practices in teaching and learning;
  •  Reward departmental faculty teams who collaborate in exemplary ways to enhance student learning;
  •  Encourage and reward those who implement research-based initiatives to document student learning at the departmental and unit level;
  •  Supplement departmental efforts to launch and sustain meaningful innovations in teaching and learning.

Up to three awards totaling $50,000 are given annually and are intended to help support and sustain excellence in learning through ongoing curricular development and innovative teaching in the unit.

Willihnganz said the Speed School developed a multi-leveled critical thinking program that spans from culminating experiences in undergraduate engineering capstone courses to elementary school programs. Speed began a four-year project to incorporate the Paul-Elder critical thinking framework - intentionally and transparently - across the undergraduate engineering curriculum. The Speed School is committed to the sustained incorporation of i2a in their undergraduate program. For example faculty have been actively involved with i2a since the QEP’s inception, with faculty participating on the QEP and i2a Task Groups; four faculty participating in i2a faculty learning communities, and four faculty submitting i2a SUN grant applications.

Speed School Dean Mickey Wilhelm, faculty members Jim Leach, Larry Tyler, James Lewis and department chair Patricia Ralston were presented the award at the unveiling ceremony held at Ekstrom Library. 

Learn more about the Paul Weber Awards.

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