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M.E. Department selects recipient of Professional Award in Engineering

M.E. Department selects recipient of Professional Award in Engineering

Greg Wozniak

The Department of Mechanical Engineering has selected Gregg Wozniak to receive the 2012 Professional Award in Engineering. The award will be presented at the Homecoming Reunion Dinner October 19.

Wozniak is a Lead Authorized Representative (AR) at Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation ensuring compliance of aircraft powerplants, APUs, fuel systems, and fire protection systems with Federal Aviation Administration requirements under Gulfstream's Organization Designation Authorization (ODA). Wozniak attended Speed School from 1984 to 1989, earning his B.Sc. degree in 1988 and his M.Eng. degree in 1989. The advisor for his thesis, "Steam Turbine Performance Estimation Using a Correlation Loss Model and Analytical Steam Table Formulation," was Dr. Geoffrey Cobourn. He did his cooperative education internships with the Electrical and Electronics Division of Ford Motor Company in Dearborn, Michigan.

Upon graduation, Wozniak was employed by McDonnell Douglas Aircraft Corporation in St. Louis, Missouri, where he worked on the design, integration, and testing of new higher thrust engines in the Advanced F-15 Propulsion Engineering department. In 1990 he joined Boeing Commercial Aircraft Corporation in Seattle, Washington. Here his responsibilities included the design, integration, test and certification of the 777-200 and 777-300 aircraft models as an FAA-DER (Designated Engineering Representative) in the Powerplant Engineering department. He was named “Employee of the Quarter” after obtaining FAA approval for a new engine fire extinguishing test methodology for aircraft certification credit. He performed thermodynamic analyses of the engine nacelle including the inlet, the cowling and the thrust reverser, and supported the flight test programs as subject matter expert for topics such as in-flight engine restarts, under-cowl cooling and oil and fuel system heat management. He also co-authored the documentation necessary for the 777 programs to achieve 180-minutes ETOPS operating approval at the time of type certification; a new industry benchmark for aircraft certification criteria at entry into service, and a milestone that revolutionized international air travel by permitting extended overwater operation of modern twin-engine aircraft.

In 2002, Wozniak joined Gulfstream Aerospace Corporation in Savannah, Georgia. Here he supports the design, integration, test, and certification of multiple Gulfstream aircraft models as a Lead ODA-AR in the Powerplant Engineering department. His area of authority as an AR includes powerplant, APU, fuel system, and fire protection, predominantly in the New Products Division responsible for new type-design certification programs including industry leading products such as the G650. As a Lead AR, Mr. Wozniak oversees the regulatory activity of the Powerplant ARs across all Gulfstream aircraft models. By title he is a Principal Engineer within Powerplant Engineering, which is one of the highest technical positions within GAC Engineering. In addition to technical and programmatic tasks, Principal Engineers serve as mentors to younger engineering staff members. Finally, Wozniak serves as the Gulfstream representative for the SAE AE-2 Aircraft Lightning Strike Committee. As a member of this committee he is co-authoring industry recommendations for new certification criteria for the protection of aircraft fuel tanks from the effects of lightning strikes.

Among Wozniak’s many significant professional achievements are the patents he received for a novel approach to alleviate the bending moment at the wing root by a fuel pumping system within the wing (US0139727 and US6997415 Method and Arrangement for Aircraft Fuel Dispersion). This design has been implemented on numerous Gulfstream aircraft used for both civil and military derivative applications.

The Professional Award in Engineering is the Mechanical Engineering Department's highest alumni award. It recognizes significant technical achievement over the course of a career and/or extraordinary service contributions to the engineering profession.

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