SEMINAR: Depletion with Big and Small Colloids Studied in Microgravity

Matthew Lynch Principal Scientist, The Proctor & Gamble Company Cincinnati, Ohio
When Oct 21, 2016
from 03:00 PM to 04:00 PM
Where Sackett Hall 200
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The effect of depletion on colloid-polymer mixtures is an area of continual interest and particularly studied for well-defined systems - for example, systems of monodispersed hard spheres.  However, industrial problems (for example product stability) cannot be readily understood by extrapolations from systems of monodisperse spheres as commercial systems often contain a wide range of different size colloids.  This talk will explore the effect of depletion in a range of colloidal mixtures containing big and small colloids, which show behaviors ranging from phase separation to gelation.  These observations are possible due to the wonders of microgravity aboard the International Space Station, which allow for long-term coarsening of structures uninhibited by sedimentation..

Speaker's Biography

Matthew LynchDr. Matthew Lynch is a Principal Scientist at the Proctor & Gamble Company (Cincinnati, OH). Dr. Lynch is the Principal Investigator of the ACE-M-1, the first in a series of investigations aboard the International Space Station designed to help researchers understand how to use small colloidal particles as stabilizers in products; underlying theory can be used to predict the shelf life of P&G products. The goal of NASA’s Advanced Colloids Experiments (ACE) is to uncover new discoveries from colloid-based experiments in a microgravity environment.