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Graduate Studies Committe

The Graduate Studies Committee (GSC) is responsible for providing direct faculty oversight of, and input regarding, issues related to its graduate programs.


  1. Oversee the curriculum content/structure and program objectives/outcomes for existing programs
  2. As necessary, make timely recommendations to the faculty for program changes.
  3. Implement University, Graduate School, S.S.E., and M.E. Department policies on admissions and financial support.
  4. Provide academic advising to M.Sc. and Ph.D. students prior to selection of a thesis advisor.
  5. Monitor the academic progress of M.Sc. and Ph.D. students.
  6. Administer and score the Ph.D. qualifying examination.
  7. Assist in recruiting new graduate students
  8. Make recommendations/nominations for doctoral fellowships to the S.S.E. fellowship committee.
  9. Make recommendations/nominations for graduate honors and awards.

Scope of Authority

The scope of the Graduate Studies Committee’s duties encompasses the Mechanical Engineering Department’s M.Sc. and Ph.D. degree programs (the M.Eng. program is monitored through the same mechanisms used for the B.Sc. program, e.g., the Curriculum Committee and the Program Assessment Committee), as well as graduate certificate programs.


The membership of the Graduate Studies Committee shall consist of three (3) voting members of the Mechanical Engineering faculty, all with graduate faculty membership. Two of the members are nominated and selected in accordance with standard election procedures. The third member, and chair of the committee, is the department’s Graduate Studies Coordinator, who will lead the committee indefinitely. The two elected members will serve two (2) year staggered terms, with the one term expiring each year in August.


The Committee will meet on an as-needed basis, with the committee chair making arrangements and establishing an agenda for the meeting.

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