Sundar Atre

Professor, Mechanical Engineering; Endowed Chair of Manufacturing and Materials


Dr. Atre is leading an effort to establish a new inter-disciplinary program on Digital Manufacturing and Design at the University of Louisville. Dr. Atre’s current research in advanced materials and multi-scale manufacturing focus on additive manufacturing and powder injection molding of metal and ceramics. His research group, the Materials Innovation Guild, has generated over 160 publications, 7 issued and licensed patents, and over 20 intellectual property filings. Additional details can be found at his research web-site.

Teaching Interests

The advent of numerous communication technologies provides new challenges and opportunities to facilitate an engaging learning environment for engineering students.  Dr. Atre’s pedagogical strategy is to instill in students an excitement for the subject as a stepping-stone to encouraging them to direct their energy and attention towards learning. To this end, Dr. Atre uses technology to engage students in an interactive manner, maintain the pace of lectures with different learning segments, and connect students to compelling market needs that demand solutions. Dr. Atre has over 12 years university-level teaching experience which includes undergraduate and graduate courses on materials, manufacturing, new product development, and finance for engineers. Overall, he brings to the University of Louisville; expertise garnered over 20 years and four continents, while conducting education and research in various countries through courses, workshops, and collaborations.

Research Interests

Two major challenges that need to be addressed in translating a preliminary engineering design problem into a disruptive commercial product based on advanced materials and systems are: (1) Materials that will deliver multiple functionalities, and (2) Processes that will integrate the materials into a highly intricate product shape. These challenges are addressed in Dr. Atre’s research group, the Materials Innovation Guild, by understanding the nature of structure-processing-property inter-relationships that are crucial to the successful design and development of new applications. Dr. Atre’s current research in advanced materials and systems focuses on powder injection molding and additive manufacturing of metals and ceramics. These areas build from his core expertise in polymer-particulate materials processing which extend to low-cost tooling for injection molding; dental and minimally invasive surgical components in healthcare; micro-miniature components, as well as applications in the energy sector. His core research philosophy is rooted in shaping an early-stage engineering problem towards a commercialization pathway. During the last 15 years, he led a start-up company and also helped establish 8 others in materials and manufacturing. Dr. Atre also has over 10 years experience in evaluating technological ideas for startup potential by serving on panels reviewing proposals for the National Academy of Sciences, the National Institutes of Health, the National Science Foundation, and the Environmental Protection Agency.