Changes to M.E. Faculty

After exhaustive national searches, the M.E. Department is pleased to welcome two new, outstanding faculty members to our program: Kunal Kate and Hui Wang.  With these additions, the M.E. Department is poised to greatly enhance our education and research portfolio.  A brief summary of each person is given below.

Kunal Kate

Dr. Kate earned his B.S. degree from the Vishwakarma Institute of Technology (India); this was followed by his M.S. and Ph.D. degrees, both of which were earned at Oregon State.  In 2015, he came to UofL as a post-doc, working with Dr. Atre primarily on metal additive manufacturing (3-D printing).  His research is primarily in materials processing, as applied to advanced manufacturing techniques.  In particular, he looks to tailor both the materials used and the process to achieve improved product performance.

Hui Wang

Dr. Wang received her B.S. and M.S. from Shandong University (China) before moving to Michigan Tech to earn her Ph.D.  All of her degrees are in material science.  Since her Ph.D., she has been a post-doc at Oakridge National Labs, where she worked in the Center for Nanophase Materials.  Her research is focuses on material behavior batteries to achieve lower weight, higher durability, and high power.  This includes (but isn’t limited to) considering novel battery chemistry, studying thin electrolyte membranes, using nano-composites, and examining high efficiency co-catalysts.

Faculty Departures

In addition to adding new faculty, the M.E. Department says goodbye to two faculty members: Matt Bohm and Bill Hnat.  We would like to thank each of them for their contributions, which are briefly described below.

Bill Hnat

Dr. Hnat retired after 29 years of faithful service to the University of Louisville.  He came to UofL after earning his Ph.D. and working for Goodyear as a research engineer.  Dr. Hnat’s research and teaching expertise was generally in measurement techniques but his particular area of interest was experimental stress analysis.  His contributions to the department over the years are too numerous to list here.  But perhaps his most pronounced contributions were in the undergraduate lab courses.  He was regularly developing new labs in-house, improving existing labs, updating lab delivery, training new TA’s and, of course, working with the undergraduates.  His impact to our program was profound and his presence (and good nature) will be sorely missed.  Thank you Dr. Hnat.

Matt Bohm

Dr. Bohm left UofL for Florida Polytechnic University.  He arrived at UofL after a post-doc at Oregon State.  His research and teaching interests are in mechanical design.  Of his many contributions while at UofL, one in particular stands out.  Dr. Bohm worked vigorously to develop and promote our industry-sponsored capstone senior design program.  This had a positive impact on our undergraduates, who received a meaningful, open-ended, team-based design experience while at UofL.  Thank you Dr. Bohm.