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M.E. department adopts new solid modeling software...

Pro/E software being integrated into the mechanical engineering curriculum

With the assistance of an educational grant from Cummins Inc., the mechanical engineering department is in the process of adopting Parametric Technology Corporation's Pro/ENGINEER solid modeling software into various CAE courses. Pro/E is a high-end 3D CAD parametric feature-based solid modeling software package used extensively by large corporations, including Cummins. The software is now installed on many of the workstations in the Kurz CAE Laboratory in SH 213.

The M.E. department will maintain support for, and continue the use of Solid Edge, a midrange CAD program distributed by Seimens AG. Solid Edge is used by many smaller companies. The faculty's goal is that all students will achieve proficiency with Pro/E and Solid Edge. By gaining experience with both a mid-range package and a high-end package, the department's graduates will maximize their career opportunities.

The Pro/E adoption process will take a full year. To permit upperclassmen and graduate students to gain experience with the software, the department will sponsor a series of FREE Pro/E training seminars beginning this spring semester. Watch the upcoming events calendar on this website for further information.

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