Financial Support

In graduate engineering education, there are three typical means of financial support. In all cases, the support provides a stipend, tuition, and healthcare. The modes of support are:

  • Teaching Assistantships (TA): In addition to their graduate research and coursework, a TA must perform duties (as assigned by the department chair) in support of department course delivery. Teaching Assistantships are awarded directly by the department. Contact the M.E. Director of Graduate Studies (Dr. Peter M. Quesada) regarding TA related questions.
  • Research Assistantships (RA): Students are supported directly by their M.S./Ph.D. advisor through an external grant. The RA is expected to conduct research (that also forms the basis for the thesis/dissertation) to satisfy the terms of the grant. Because support is given directly by the thesis advisor, interested parties must contact prospective advisors directly regarding RA availability.
  • Fellowships: Students seeking external fellowships (i.e. fellowships award by external organizations such as NSF, DOE, NASA, etc.) must apply directly to the awarding entity. These awards are extremely competitive, and are quite prestigious. Fellowship funding allows a student to pursue their graduate research, independent of funding from their advisor or the department. We strongly encourage our students to apply! Internal fellowships (i.e. fellowships awarded by UofL) are limited to doctoral study. There is no formal application process for internal fellowships.