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Building Access Policy

The faculty understand that students and student project groups need access outside of normal business hours to the specialized equipment and software used in the M.E. curriculum. However, that access must be balanced by consideration for the safety of the students, staff, and faculty inside the building at any given time, and for the security of the expensive and difficult to replace hardware installed in laboratories and classrrooms. Accordingly, the department chair has established the following rules governing Sackett Hall access.

  • If a UofL-affiliated person - faculty, staff, or student - has a an outside door key, they may enter and leave the building at any time, including after close-up.
  • Students without a building key may stay in the building after doors are locked at close-up, but they may not leave and reenter, even if a fellow student in the building is available to let them in. Once out after midnight, non-keyed personnel may not reenter until the building reopens in the morning.
  • Persons not affiliated with the University of Louisville are not permitted to remain in the building after close-up without the written permission of the department chair.
  • Doors or windows should NEVER be propped open.

UofL maintains a fixed hours for locking and unlocking Sackett Hall. In order to maintain security, these times are not posted online; however, they are posted outside the M.E. office and the CAE laboratory.

If you are in Sackett Hall at any time, but especially after business hours, and witness a disturbance, safety hazard (including propped-open doors or windows), or suspicious person or persons, immediately call the University police at 852-6111.

If somebody needs extraordinary one-time access to the building during closed hours, it can be arranged. They should see the department chair with their request.

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