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Mechanical Engineering Department Facilities

Sackett Hall has been the home of the Mechanical Engineering Department for more than a half-century. The building is named after Frederic Mosley Sackett (December 17, 1868 - May 18, 1941), a prominent Louisville attorney, businessman, and statesman. He served as president of the Louisville Gas Company from 1907 to 1912, and president of the Louisville Board of Trade. He was the federal food administrator for Kentucky during World War I, U.S. Senator from Kentucky from 1924 to 1930, and ambassador to Germany from 1930 to 1933 under the Herbert Hoover administration. He is respected for his diligent, but ultimately futile efforts to stave off the collapse of the German Weimar Republic and prevent the rise of fascism.

Senator Sackett was the husband of Mrs. Olive Speed Sakett, who along with her brother, Dr. William S. Speed, established the James Breckenridge Speed Foundation as a memorial to their late father, James Breckenridge Speed. The James Breckenridge Speed Foundation in turn provided the 1925 endowment that was used to establish the J.B. Speed Scientific School. In addition to their part in founding Speed School, Dr. Speed and Mrs. Sackett continued to support the School's growth by providing grants supporting the construction of construction of J.B. Speed Hall, W.S. Speed Hall, and Sackett Hall.

Groundbreaking for Sackett Hall occurred May 10, 1948, and remarkably, construction was completed in November of that year. A dedication ceremony was held May 18, 1950. Designed in a Collegiate Georgian architecture style, the building has two primary floors and a basement with 17,480 sq. ft. of floor space. It houses classrooms, instructional and research laboratories, faculty offices, and the M.E. Department administrative office.

In addition to Sackett Hall, M.E. Department facilities are located in the Vogt Building, Lutz Hall, and the Belknap Research Building.

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