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ME 700 Dissertation Research in Mechanical Engineering

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ME 700 Dissertation Research in Mechanical Engineering. Credit 1-18. Prerequisites: Completion of doctoral program core and permission of dissertation director. Original research activity in an appropriate mechanical engineering discipline, under the direction of a Mechanical Engineering graduate faculty member.

Prerequisites by Topic

  1. Unconditional admission to the M.E. Department doctoral program.
  2. Selection of a dissertation director.
  3. Permission of the dissertation director .


Not applicable.


  1. R. McCuen, The Elements of Academic Research, American Society of Civil Engineers, 1996.
  2. Various technical journals and books appropriate to the student's dissertation topic.


The M.E. graduate studies coordinator (Peter M. Quesada, Professor of Mechanical Engineering) serves as coordinator for this course. The dissertation director, who must be a member of the Mechanical Engineering graduate faculty, serves as instructor.


The Ph.D. dissertation develops the ability of doctoral-level students to initiate, perform, document, and defend a creative, independent research project. It solidifies and broadens the student's understanding of curriculum fundamentals while developing an area of specialized technical expertise. An acceptable dissertation must contain a unique, identifiable contribution by the doctoral candidate to the existing body of engineering and scientific knowledge. The work should be of such quality as to be publishable in an appropriate externally reviewed scientific/technical journal.


Variable, but related to a research area of current interest related to mechanical engineering, including, but not limited to advanced design/product development, renewable and sustainable energy, biomechanics, micro- and nanotechnology, noise and vibration control, solid mechanics, and computational fluid mechanics.

Computer Use

Computer use is dependent on the chosen topic, but many projects will include the use of sophisticated computer hardware and software packages.

Laboratory Projects

Most dissertation topics involve an experimental component requiring independent laboratory work.


The grade for this course is deferred by the dissertation director until evaluation of the candidate's research during an oral presentation and defense, after which the examining committee assigns a pass/fail grade.

Estimated ABET Category Content

Not applicable.

Prepared by P.M. Quesada, July 2009

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