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ME 694 Mechanical Engineering Seminar

Catalog Description

ME 694 Mechanical Engineering Seminar (0). Prerequisite: Graduate/professional school standing. Presentations on research projects and current literature. Course begins in the fall semester and concludes in the spring semester.

Prerequisites by Topic

Not applicable.


Not applicable.


R.A. Mann, Professor of Mechanical Engineering.

Course Learning Outcomes

This seminar series provides graduate/professional students with a broad overview of results from current research topics in the mechanical engineering discipline. Both external and internal speakers participate. Students prepare a written critique of one or more seminars, developing the ability to perform collegial reviews of scholarly work.

Topics Covered

Variable, but seminars generally address an area of active mechanical engineering research.

Computer Use


Laboratory Projects



A pass/fail grade is assigned based upon the student's attendance, participation in post-presentation discussions, and written seminar reviews.

Estimated ABET Category Content

Not applicable.

Class/Laboratory Schedule

Ten 75 minute seminars per semester.

Professional Component Contribution

This course helps develop a broad research perspective that helps students satisfy the M.Eng. program research requirement.

Relationship to Program Outcomes

This course supports Mechanical Engineering program objectives by developing a recognition of the need for, and an ability to engage in, life-long learning in the field of mechanical engineering.

Prepared by R.A. Mann, June 2006

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