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ME 503 Fundamentals of Engineering Examination Review

Catalog Description

ME 503 Fundamentals of Engineering Examination Review (0). Review of topics covered on eight-hour NCEES Fundamentals of Engineering supplied-reference examination.

Prerequisites by Topic

Fourth year standing.


  1. J.H. Hamelink and L.M. Polentz, Discipline Specific Mechanical Engineering FE Exam Preparation, Kaplan AEC Education, 2005.
  2. D.G. Newman, Fundamentals of Engineering, Kaplan AEC Education, 2004.
  3. FE/EIT Exam Preparation CD, Kaplan AEC Education.


C.M. Richards, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering.

Course Learning Outcomes

The goal of this course is to prepare the student for the general FE/EIT examination by reviewing the eleven topics that are covered on the morning session and the Mechanical Engineering topics that are covered on the afternoon session.

Topics Covered

  1. Introduction/Computers (1 class)
  2. Mathematics (2 classes)
  3. Chemistry (1 classes)
  4. Material science (1 classes)
  5. Electric circuits (1 classes)
  6. Statics (1 classes)
  7. Mechanics of materials (1 classes)
  8. Dynamics (1 classes)
  9. Thermodynamics (1 classes)
  10. Engineering economics (1 classes)
  11. Fluid mechanics (1 classes)
  12. Mechanical engineering discipline-specific topics (2 classes)

Class/Laboratory Schedule

Two 120 minute sessions per week devoted to topic surveys and solution of example FE problems.

Curriculum Criterion Contribution

Not applicable.

Relationship to Program Outcomes

This course supports the Mechanical Engineering Department’s B.Sc. program objectives by preparing students to take the Fundamentals of Engineering examination, which is one of the requirements for eventual professional registration.

Prepared by C.M. Richards, June 2009

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