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ME 180 Introduction to Computer Aided Engineering

Catalog Description

ME 180 Introduction to Computer Aided Engineering (2). Prerequisites: Mechanical Engineering majors only. An introduction to the computer tools available in the current PC and workstation environments, with emphasis on engineering applications. Includes coverage of operating systems, word processors, spreadsheets, databases, graphics, equation solvers, elementary programming and information retrieval.

Prerequisites by Topic

  1. Declared mechanical engineering major
  2. Calculus


G. Prater, W.C. Hutchison, and M.L. Day, ME 180 Laboratory Manual, University of Louisville Mechanical Engineering Department, 2009.


Text documentation and on-line reference manuals for current computer-aided engineering software packages.


G. Prater, Professor of Mechanical Engineering.

Course Learning Outcomes

This course provides first year mechanical engineering students with the fundamental computer skills required to perform engineering tasks in an efficient and productive manner.

Topics Covered

  1. PC environment and the Internet (1 class)
  2. E-mail and web pages (1 class)
  3. Unix environment (1 class)
  4. Project management (1 class)
  5. Technical word processing (1 class)
  6. Spreadsheets (1 class)
  7. Technical presentations (1 class)
  8. Technical illustration (1 class)
  9. Solid modeling (1 class)
  10. Equation solvers (1 class)
  11. Finite element analysis (1 class)
  12. Examinations (3 classes)

Computer Use

Extensive use of the PC and workstation operating systems and application software, with application to projects and smaller assignments.

Laboratory Projects

Computer laboratory projects are performed for each course topic.

Class/Laboratory Schedule

One 50 minute laboratory session per week devoted to lecture, discussion, problem solving, and design activities.

Curriculum Criterion Contribution

Engineering science: 2 credits.

Relationship to Program Outcomes

This course supports Mechanical Engineering Department B.Sc. program objectives by developing:

  • An ability to apply knowledge of mathematics, science, and engineering in the field of mechanical engineering.
  • An ability to communicate effectively.
  • A recognition of the need for, and an ability to engage in, life-long learning in the field of mechanical engineering.
  • An ability to use the techniques, skills, and modern tools necessary for the practice of mechanical engineering.

Prepared by G. Prater, June 2009

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