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Mechanical Enginering Courses

The Mechanical Engineering Department offers a wide variety of courses supporting its degree and certificate programs. The M.E. courses links below display academic templates for all in the current scheduling rotation. With a few exceptions noted below, all 100-400 level courses are required as part of the B.Sc. programs, 500-level courses are electives open to senior undergraduates or graduate students, and 600- and 700-level courses are electives open to graduate students only.


ME 180 Introduction to Computer Aided Engineering


ME 206 Mechanics II: Dynamics
ME 251 Thermodynamics I
ME 280 Structured and Event Driven Programming
ME 288 Mechanical Engineering Cooperative Education Seminar
ME 289 Mechanical Engineering Cooperative Internship I


ME 310 Thermodynamics II
ME 311 Fluid Mechanics I
ME 314 Engineering Measurements
ME 315 Mechanical Engineering Lab I
ME 323 Mechanics of Materials
ME 380 Computer Aided Design
ME 389 Mechanical Engineering Cooperative Internship II


ME 401 Fluid Mechanics II
ME 415 Mechanical Engineering Lab II
ME 422 Machine Design I
ME 440 Heat Transfer
ME 442 Machine Design II
ME 489 Mechanical Engineering Cooperative Internship III
ME 497 Capstone Design Project


ME 503 Fundamentals of Engineering Examination Review
ME 510 Thermal Design of Internal Combustion Engines
ME 512 Finite Element Methods for Mechanical Design I
ME 521 Mechanical Vibrations
ME 526 Vehicle Dynamics and Handling
ME 530 Advanced Mechanical Design
ME 531 Analysis and Design of Energy Systems
ME 532 Experimental Stress Analysis
ME 548 Control System Design
ME 555 Introduction to Micro- and Nanotechnology
ME 560 Nuclear Engineering
ME 562 Fiber-Reinforced Composite Materials
ME 565 Advanced Engineering Mathematics I
ME 566 Advanced Engineering Mathematics II
ME 570 Sustainable Energy Systems
ME 580 Air Pollution Control
ME 588 Independent Study in Mechanical Engineering


ME 606 Continuum Mechanics
ME 612 Finite Element Methods for Mechanical Design II
ME 614 Heating, Ventilating, and Air Conditioning
ME 618 Heat Exchanger Design
ME 621 Noise and Vibration Control
ME 625 Mechanical Design of Internal Combustion Engines
ME 626 Vehicle Body Structure Design and Analysis
ME 638 Computational Methods in Fluid Flow and Heat Transfer
ME 640 Optimum Design Methods
ME 641 Design of Machinery
ME 644 Mechatronics
ME 645 Mechanical Engineering Structured Research Project
ME 651 Kinematics and Kinetics of Human Movement
ME 652 Advanced Human Biodynamics
ME 653 Mechanics of Biomaterials
ME 654 Advanced Hard and Soft Tissue Mechanics
ME 655 Biomedical Acoustics
ME 656 Orthopaedic Bioengineering
ME 657 Computational Biomechanics
ME 658 Dental Biomechanics
ME 659 Micro Pressure and Flow Sensors for Biomedical Applications
ME 660 Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems (MEMS) Design
ME 663 Heat Conduction
ME 664 Heat Convection
ME 665 Radiation Heat Transfer
ME 667 Solar Energy Applications
ME 671 Advanced Fluid Mechanics
ME 675 Advanced Topics in Mechanical Engineering
ME 688 Independent Study in Mechanical Engineering
ME 694 Mechanical Engineering Seminar
ME 697 Master of Engineering Thesis in Mechanical Engineering


ME 700 Finite Element Methods for Mechanical Design II

Non-M.E. B.Sc. Requirements

CEE 205 Statics
CHE 253 Materials Science
CHEM 201 General Chemistry I
CHEM 202 General Chemistry II
CHEM 203 Laboratory in General Chemistry I
EE 252 Introduction to Electrical Engineering
EE 535 Instrumentation Electronics
EG 105 Fundamentals of Engineering Graphics I
EG 214 Introduction to Computer-Aided Graphics and Design
EMCS 101 Engineering Analysis I
EMCS 102 Engineering Analysis II
EMCS 104 Computer Algebra for Engineering
EMCS 205 Matrix Methods for Algebraic and Differential Equations
EMCS 307 Numerical Methods for Engineering
EMCS 360 Probability and Statistics for Engineers
GES 100 Campus Culture for Engineering Students
IE 570 Engineering Design Economics
PHYS 295 Introductory Physics Laboratory I
PHYS 298 Introductory Mechanics, Heat, and Sound
PHYS 299 Introductory Electricity, Magnetism, and Light

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