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Cooperative Education

Every Speed School student is required to complete a three semester cooperative internship or receive credit for equivalent experience through the advanced standing process. The semester prior to the first co-op period, the student must register for a non-credit co-operative education seminar, ME 288. This course includes information about preparing for interviews, placement procedures, and preparing co-op reports.

Advanced Standing for Co-op

If a student has technical work experience prior to enrolling in Speed School that seems equivalent to one or more cooperative internships, they may apply for advanced standing credit. The student should first discuss the details of the experience with the staff of the Cooperative Education Office. If the result of this discussion is favorable, the student should then complete an Application for Advanced Standing for Co-op form, which will be further evaluated.

Attending Classes During Internships

Speed School students occasionally wish to take a course during an internship. If so, several restrictions apply:

  1. A student may not enroll for more than 4 semester hours while on co-op.
  2. The student must obtain prior approval for the course using the form entitled "Permission to Take a Course While on Co-op."
  3. The course must meet at a time that does not interfere with the duties of the internship. If the course meets during normal work hours, a letter of permission from the employer is required.
  4. The student is responsible for obtaining a Visiting Student letter from the Office of Academic Services if enrolling at an institution other than the University of Louisville.
  5. Students attending an institute other than the University of Louisville during the co-op period are responsible for seeing that an official transcript from the host institution is forwarded to the University Registrar's Office.
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