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IE Receives $3.3 Million Grant from DHS

The U. S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has selected a project proposal developed by a research team led by Professor Sunderesh S Heragu  titled “Real-Time Decision Support System for Healthcare & Public Health Sector Protection,” for funding through the Kentucky Critical Infrastructure Protection Program (KCI). This $3.3 million, 3-year project slated to begin fall 2009 serves to provide an integrated solution to five of the critical needs identified by the DHS’s Healthcare and Public Health (HPH) and Emergency Services Sectors (ESS). The project will address all five of these related and interdependent gaps in a unified manner to provide a coordinated, integrated, and robust solution while optimizing the use of project resources. The gaps pertain to secure information management for surge healthcare and public health (HPH) capacity management, development of alternate resource allocation strategies during medical surge and their analysis, design of effective and efficient supply chain systems for HPH capacity management, HPH Workforce Protection by ensuring mental health before, during, and after disease outbreak, and assuring the protection of the human assets. 

The project involves University of Louisville faculty primarily from the Industrial Engineering department, the Logistics and Distribution Institute (LoDI) and two schools – J.B. Speed School of Engineering (Speed) and the School of Public Health and Information Sciences (SPHIS), and multiple disciplines – logistics, distribution, supply chain management, industrial engineering, computer systems, as well as public health.  The faculty involved include:

  • Dr. Sunderesh Heragu, Industrial Engineering
  • Dr. Suraj Alexander, Industrial Engineering
  • Dr. Ruth Carrico, Health Promotions and Behavioral Sciences
  • Dr. Lijian Chen, Industrial Engineering
  • Dr. Gail DePuy, Industrial Engineering
  • Dr. Gerald Evans, Industrial Engineering 
  • Dr. Anup Kumar, Computer Engineering Computer Science 
  • Dr. Scott LaJoie, Health Promotions and Behavioral Sciences
  • Dr. William McKinney, Health Promotions and Behavioral Sciences
  • Dr. John Usher, Industrial Engineering


For more information, contact Dr. Heragu at 502- 852-2741.

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