Graduate Programs in the Industrial Engineering Department

Industrial Engineering offers four degrees beyond the B.S. degree. These are:

Graduate Programs:


Online Graduate Program:

There are basically 2 sets of 'rules' for Graduate Students; those in the Graduate Catalog and those in the Speed School Minimum Guidelines for Graduate Education document.  All graduate students should read both documents thoroughly.

The UofL Graduate Catalog is located at h .  Please note this document contains many sections, all of which should be reviewed by students.

Review the Speed School Minimum Guidelines for Graduate Education document.


International Programs:

The department offers a Master of Engineering in Engineering Management in Panama City, Panama at the Quality Leadership University covered by the Memorandum of Agreement.


Graduate Coordinator for I.E.:

Dr. Lihui Bai, Assoc. Professor
JB Speed Building, Room 201
Industrial Engineering
J.B. Speed School of Engineering
Louisville, KY 40292
Email Dr. Bai