IE facilities at UofL

JB Speed Building We have outstanding facilities in the Department of Industrial Engineering that help us accomplish program objectives, provide an atmosphere conducive to learning, and are sufficiently flexible for adaptation to changing requirements. All department areas are fully ADA compliant, and a Building Emergency Action Plan is in effect.



The department occupies the third floor, and about 1/2 of the second floor, in the J B Speed Building (JBS) shown above. The department office suite, JBS 304, includes the offices of the department chair, the unit business manager, and the program assistant as well as a commons area.

Student Areas

A graduate student office, J B Speed 203A, accommodates twenty-one students. A Trilogy DL3000 electromechanical lock permits 24-hour access;  codes are individually assigned to students with assigned desks.  The room can be reached by phone at 502-852-0840.
Lutz Hall includes accommodation for graduate students, nominally assigned by the Associate Dean for Research;  The Center for Industrial Ergonomics has a dual-occupant room assigned, Lutz 430, plus two carrels in BRB 214 (Belknap Research Building);  there are networked desktop computers in each location.

IE Conference Room

The department conference room, J B Speed 302, accommodates meetings, group work sessions, and small classes.  The facility is 383 square feet.  A conference table accommodates 12 people, with additional chairs on the side as required.  Presentation includes a ceiling-mounted data projector, Epson PowerLite 735c, acquired June 2004, a six foot screen, and an eight foot “white board.”  A small service room accommodates office supplies storage, and computer and telephone communications switching equipment for the 2nd and 3rd floors, maintained by Information Technology.


The program utilizes classrooms throughout the engineering campus, with courses offered in Ernst Hall, W.S Speed Building, Sackett Hall, and Lutz Hall.  The number of classrooms is adequate to deliver the BSIE program. Classroom assignments are made each January for subsequent Summer, Fall and Spring semesters through a coordinated effort of department staff and the Office of Academic Affairs.


The department computer system consists of two servers;  three networked printers;  two computer laboratories;  office workstations;  and a cornucopia of specially designated equipment.  The system is connected by 100Base-T ethernet (1 GHz backbone), distributed wireless ethernet 802.11n, and an Internet II gateway, all maintained by Information Technology.  There are two ethernet ports in each faculty office, and the wireless system covers all areas of the university.  IE01 is the primary department file and print server.  The server hosts a home directory for each user, and the bulk of the department’s server-based or network-license-managed software.  Individual accounts are assigned to faculty, staff and students, and are accessible from anywhere in the university wide-area network. The primary networked copier/printer is the Xerox Workcentre Pro 232 in the department office, J B Speed 304A.  Access is available to faculty and staff for printing from their desktops.  A Hewlett-Packard LaserJet 4500DN color network printer is located in the Engineering Logistics Laboratory, J B Speed 305. The printer is queued from both servers, and access is available to faculty and staff logged onto IE01, and to designated users logged onto LoDI-Speed. A Hewlett-Packard LaserJet 5M printer (networked) is in the department computer laboratory, J B Speed 203.  The two printers are queued from IE01 (the 4500 is queued as a BW printer), and access is available to users logged onto that server.