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Accessing Free Software

There has been some confusion with German students gaining access to the free software on the iTech Express website.  This problem occurs for students in the international programs because they do not register for classes by logging into ULINK (like regular on-campus students do).  As such, the system does not automatically pick them up as active students.  This can be corrected easily by the following steps:


1. Logon to ULINK    using your university logon and password.


2.  Look up some sort of information within ULINK (like checking on your schedule, transcript, or updating personal info).   This step activates your profile and lets the system know you are an active student.  


3.  Wait a day or two, and your activated profile will get picked up by the system (the system updates every two days to pick up any new profiles and recognizes those profiles as active student for that entire semester).

At this point you should have access to the  software on the iTech Express site located here:

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