About Industrial Engineering

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Industrial Engineers design large-scale integrated systems of people, equipment, energy, material, and information.  IEs can improve the productivity in a factory, shorten waiting times in hospital emergency rooms, arrange for "just in time" delivery of products, direct barge traffic on inland waterways;  and even help to make planes run on time.  Specific areas within the IE field include facility layout, material handling systems, production planning and scheduling, ergonomics and human factors, logistics and distribution, operations research, math modeling and optimization, inventory analysis, engineering ergonomics, work design, computer simulation, and more. The study of Industrial Engineering requires knowledge of mathematics, physical and behavioral sciences, economics, computers skills, written and oral communication skills, and an ability to work in team-based environments.  Most importantly, IEs have to recognize that people are essential components in the systems that are being designed, and they must be accounted to ensure overall system effectiveness.

Check out the American Society for Engineering Education's webpage on Industrial Engineering HERE

So if the thought of designing a large scale system (like a factory, a hospital or even a theme park) excites you, and you like to work with people from all areas of an organization, then you should consider being an Industrial Engineer! 


Industrial Engineering at the J.B. Speed School of Engineering

The Department of Industrial Engineering at the University of Louisville, offers a unique means by which to become an IE.  We offer both undergraduate and graduate degrees.  Freshmen enter with the objective of pursuing the 5-year integrated Bachelor of Science and accredited Master of Engineering degree programs. Details about the Master of Engineering degree program.

At U of L, we will help you develop a solid foundation in engineering principles along with a background in the arts, humanities, and social sciences. After a few semesters, you will begin to take industrial engineering related coursework and gain a close-up look at some of the hottest topics in industry today. Ours is also a "hands-on" curriculum. Our philosophy is that you must learn by doing it, not just reading about it. As a result you will have access to some of the finest laboratory facilities in the country. You will work with robots, conveyors, machining equipment, and some of the latest in computer simulation technology to design actual systems.  The University of Louisville has the only Department of Industrial Engineering of any state institution in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.