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Engineering Management


The American Society of Engineering Management defines Engineering Management as "the art and science of planning, organizing, allocating resources, and directing and controlling activities which have a technological component."  Engineering Management is rapidly becoming recognized as a professional discipline. Engineering managers are distinguished from other managers by the fact that they possess both an ability to apply engineering principles and a skill in organizing and directing technical projects and people in technical jobs. 

Successful engineering managers typically require training and experience in both general management (which may include business adinistration and the specific engineering disciplines that will be used by the engineering team to be managed. But additionally, the successful engineering manager must understand that the factors that cause certain individuals to pursue careers in engineering are often quite different than those for individuals who are driven by purely entrepreneurial thinking. Consequently, the skills necessary to coach, mentor and motivate technical professionals are often very different from those that are required for individuals in other fields.

JB Speed Building

Engineering Management at the J.B. Speed School of Engineering

We offer a Master of Engineering in Engineering Management here at University of Louisville for working engineers of any discipline.  As of August 2013, our 30 credit hour program will be offered completely online.   We offer the only such program in the State of Kentucky. Click here for more information about the online program.

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