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The following people have made their reservation to attend the 2013 Homecoming Dinner.

This list is not dynamically updated but is current as of 10:00 a.m. Tuesday, Oct. 15, 2013.

Graduation Year
Dinner Guest(s)
Dr. Suraj Alexander Faculty Industrial Engineering Rachel Alexander
Mrs. Elaine Allen Staff Dean's Office Doug Allen
Prof. Bruce Alphenaar 1984 Electrical Engineering Deirdre Alphenaar
Peter Aronhime 1962 Electrical Engineering Rose Aronhime
Kathryn Ashby Current Student  Mechanical Engineering
Ki-Hwan Bae 2010 Industrial Engineering
Maxwell Battcher 2008 Computer Eng/Computer Science
Alex Bays Current Student Mechanical Engineering  
Prof. Thomas Berfield Faculty
Mechanical Engineering Elizabeth Berfield
Dr. Gina Bertocci Faculty Bioengineering Dr. Karen Bertocci
Robert Boyd 1961 Mechanical Engineering Jean Boyd
Donald Bradbury 1960 Mechanical Engineering Donald Bra
Nicki Nickles
Jacob Brown 2005 Civil Engineering Tara Brown
Adam Burt 2014 Electrical Engineering
Moises Carreon 2003 Chemical Engineering Eugenia Macias
John P. Clark 60 Electrical Engineering
Thomas Cleaver Electrical Engineering Jan Cleaver
Austin Connor 0 Civil Engineering
Brian Cooper 1986 Computer Deana Cooper
Drew Cox Current Student Mechanical Engineering
Keri Cromwell 2014 Industrial Engineering
Gale Crowe Staff Dean's Office Cassie Arthur
Mike Day Associate Dean Academic Affairs Delana Day
Nicholas Day Student Mechanical Engineering
Jason Diffenderf Staff Development
Kari Donahue Staff Dean's Office Mike Donahue
Ayman El-Baz 2005 Bioengineering TBD
Leigh Ann Elles Staff Engineering Fundamentals Mike Elles
Mark Elliott 0 Electrical Engineering
Cornelia Ellis Staff Research Administration Joan Powers
Adel Elmaghraby Dept. Chair Computer Eng/Computer Science Nemat Ekbal
Abdullah Eteleeb Current Student Computer Eng/Computer Science
Marvin Fleischman Staff
Susan Goellner
Karl Fleischman 2014 Electrical Engineering
Terri Friel 1978 Chemical Engineering Jeff Churchill
Sean Fu 2001 Chemical Engineering Hong Yang
Amelia Gandara Current Student Chemical Engineering
Tesham Gor Award Winner Industrial Engineering Dr. Priti Me,
Sundeep a ,
Michael and Nikki Russman
Joel Graham Award Winner Bioengineering Ellen Koeni,
Luke Grah,
Linda Graham
Mayank Gupta 2010 Chemical Engineering
Joyce Hack
Joe Hagerty 1965 Civil Engineering Pat Hagerty
Peggy Hagerty Duffy 1990 Civil Engineering Karen Crawford
Tony Hancock 0 Rhonda Hancock
Clinton Harper 1988 Industrial Engineering Judy Harper
Brenda Hart Staff Academic Affairs
Kurtis Heacox Current Student Mechanical Engineering
Cristina Heisler 2013 Engineering Management
Tom Herman 1973 Environme Amy Herman
Chris Hermann 1970 Mechanical Engineering Marcia Hermann
Joshua Hillman 2004 Civil Engineering Mandy Hillman
Kyran Hoff 1995 Mechanical Engineering Phil Hoff,
John Esterl,
Sherry Esterle
Kenneth Hornung 1978 Electrical Engineering Barbara Rowland
David Hurd 2004 Computer David Hurd
Tamer Inanc 2002 Electrical Engineering Fusun Inanc
Brandon Jacko Current Student Electrical Engineering
Leo Jenkins   Electrical Engineering
Angelique Johnson Faculty Electrical Engineering Errol wint
Jay Joll 1958 Electrical Engineering Joyce Joll
Kyung Kang Faculty Chemical Engineering
Marcella Kennedy Current Student Chemical Engineering
Ehsan Khodaban Current Student Industrial Engineering
Young Hoo Kim Faculty Civil Engineering
Don Korfhage 1984 Electrical Engineering Mary Korfhage
Adrian Lauf Faculty Computer Engineering & Computer Science Cecilia Huerta
Walden Laukhuf 1966 Chemical Engineering Lana Laukhuf
Herman Leep 1963 Industrial Engineering Anita Leep
James Lewis 2003 Computer Kelly Lewis
Justin Lord Current Student Mechanical Engineering
Roger Madden 1963 Electrical Engineering Carole Madden
Mel Maron 1968 Engineering Fundamentals
Jay Mazzoni 1979 Civil Engineering Karen Mazzoni
Kevin McKeel
Civil Engineering
Shamus McNamara Faculty Electrical Engineering Kerridwen McNamara
J.P. Mohsen 1978 Civil Engineering Carolyn Beckner
Kevin Murphy Dept. Chair Mechanical Engineering Fran
Laura Newton Staff Dean's Office Connor Newton,
Bill Unseld
Miranda Oldham Current Student Industrial Engineering
Norb Paulin 1970 Civil Engineering Karen Paulin
William Pierce 1989 Civil Engineering rebecca craig
Neville Pinto Dean Speed School Jennifer
Tyler Poteet Current Student Computer Eng/Computer Science
Craig Rabeneck 1989 Industrial Angel Rabeneck
Patricia Ralston Dept. Chair
1979 Alum
Engineering Fundamentals,
Chemical Engineering
Dale Ralston
Carter Reynolds 1948 Chemical Engineering Marilyn Reynolds
Ana Sanchez G
Electrical Engineering Nelson Kieswetter
Theresa Sanders Staff Dean's Office Jim Sanders
Nick Schmitt
Civil Engineering Molly Schmitt
Michael Schoen Current Student Electrical Engineering
Roger Setters 1973 Environmental Engineering Muriel Setters
Robert Simms 1953 Electrical Engineering
Cynthia Smith Current Student Electrical Engineering
Pamela Smith 1997 Faculty/St Katelyn French
George Sotsky 1958
Paul A. Spence 0 Faculty/St Cathy
Hugh Spencer 1958 Chemical Engineering Jo Spencer
Tom Starr 0 Chemical Engineering Leah Starr
Daymond Talley 1996 Chemical Engineering Monique Talley
Linda Tarrence Staff Industrial Engineering Shawn Tar, Michelle Tarrence
William Taylor 1960 Chemical Engineering Jacqueline H Taylor
Harold Theiss 1958 Electrical Engineering
Susan Toutant 1980 Civil Engin Myself Roy Toutant
Larry Tyler 1963 Engineerin Mary Ann Tyler
John Usher Associate Dean Dean's Office Lynn
Reggie Van Stockum

Cheryl Van Stockum
Clyde Warner 1944 Civil Engineering Carita Warner
Jim Watters Dept. Chair Chemical Engineering Rose Marie Watters
Pamela White Staff Chemical Engineering Alice Murphy
Benjamin Yaney 2013 Mechanical Engineering Brook Norris
Keith Zoeller Current Student Bioengineering



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