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SCR Inc. named Outstanding Corporate Partner

SCR Inc. named Outstanding Corporate Partner

SCR Inc.

The J. B. Speed School of Engineering is pleased to announce SCR, Inc. has been named Outstanding Corporate Partner. The award is presented at the annual Homecoming reception and dinner.

SCR Inc. is a medical device company dedicated to the development of innovative, minimally invasive devices. SCR was founded in 1997, by Dr. Paul A. Spence, M.D., a cardiothoracic surgeon with extensive clinical, research and entrepreneurial experience. Initially, SCR worked with researchers at the University of Louisville and the Cardiovascular Innovation Institute to develop and complete NIH-supported acute efficacy studies for its chronic implantable counterpulsation device.

Today, SCR has expanded its scope and is developing a number of cardiovascular devices, each on the path toward clinical trials. SCR’s team of biomedical engineers, mechanical engineers and surgeons specialize in leading client companies from first line concept to working prototype while experienced health science entrepreneurs prepare the company to seek investment funding, identify potential industry partners, prepare grants, and move toward clinical trials. Building on the early successes in the development of SCR’s Counter Pulsation Device (CPD) for the treatment of heart failure, the team is committed to developing marketable products to enhance the quality of life.

SCR Inc., has contributed greatly to Speed School through direct financial donations, sponsorships of the research and educational missions, strong support our cooperative internship program, and active participation and collaboration with engineering faculty, particularly in the Department of Bioengineering.

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