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Faculty and Staff


Name E-mail Phone Office
Tim Broering
Email Timothy Broering
JB Speed 114
Gale J. Crush
Email Gale Crush 502-852-0464
JBSpeed 121
Gary W. Eisenmenger
Email Gary Eisenmenger 502-852-7101
JB Speed 105B
Leigh Ann Elles
Email Leigh Elles 502-852-4415
JB Speed 109
Jeffrey L. Hieb, Ph.D.
Email Jeff Hieb 502-852-0465
JB Speed 118
James E. Lewis, Ph.D.
Email James Lewis 502-852-0481
JB Speed 117
Melvin J. Maron, Ph.D.
Email Melvin Maron 502-852-0469
JB Speed 113
Patricia A. S. Ralston, Ph.D.
Email Patricia Ralston 502-852-0479
JB Speed 112
Angela K. Thompson, Ph.D. Email Angela Thompson 502-852-0885 JB Speed 122
Larry D. Tyler, Ph.D. Email Larry Tyler 502-852-0466 JB Speed 119


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