Energy Seminar Series 2018: Wide Bandgap Semiconductors and Related Materials for Energy Efficient Power & Lighting

Keith Evans, President & CEO, Kyma Technologies
When Oct 11, 2018
from 11:15 AM to 02:00 PM
Where Ernst Hall 212
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Wide bandgap semiconductor (WBGS) materials offer important advantages over legacy semiconductors such as Si, GaAs, and InP and are enabling a new generation of commercially important device technologies. Already visible GaN LEDs have revolutionized the field of lighting, while UV GaN LEDs are impacting dozens of applications and GaN laser diodes continue to find commercial success. Yet there is much more to come for GaN as well as competing WBGS materials including AlN, Ga2O3, and diamond. In addition to optoelectronics, WBGS materials are being researched worldwide for applications in power electronics, high speed RF electronics, and more, and they are beginning to penetrate those markets as well.

Kyma Technologies recently celebrated its 20th year of operation. With roots based in bulk GaN substrate development, today Kyma offers a diverse mix of WBGS materials and devices and related products and services.

This talk will present some of Kyma’s current materials development activities as well as the market trends and opportunities that motivate them. This includes the growth of GaN on polycrystalline diamond wafers for improved thermal performance for both power switching and RF electronics applications, the growth of GaN by van der Waals epitaxy on graphene templates, the development of large-area electronic grade diamond wafers for RF transistor and other applications, the development of free-standing conductive lGaN substrates for UV optoelectronics applications, and the development of Ga2O3 substrates and epiwafers for ultra-high voltage power electronics applications.

Research into new materials is fun and exciting, yet each of Kyma’s materials evelopment efforts are focused on developing materials manufacturing technologies that have volume commercialization potential.The great success of SiC and GaN based devices has created a scenario in which large wafer foundries and large device manufacturers have major advantages in bringing new materials and devices to market. This in turns puts major pressure on materials manufacturing costs and diameter requirements.

For these reasons all of Kyma's materials technology development activities are tailored towards cost effective manufacturing of large area wafers. Additionally, many customers prefer to make their own advanced materials. For that reason Kyma is teamed with a leading semiconductor process tool EM to translate Kyma's prototype materials growth tools to robust turnkey large diameter WBGS materials production tools.

Dr. Keith Evans is the president & CEO of Kyma Technologies, Inc. He received his PhD in physical chemistry from Purdue University where he studied the fundamentals of energy transfer during gas-solid interactions. He began his career as a scientist at Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) where he led an award-winning team advancing the technology of molecular beam epitaxy for compound semiconductor device applications. He went on to hold executive positions at Semiconductor Laser International Corporation, IQE plc, Veeco Instruments, and Crystal IS, before joining Kyma in 2005.