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Steps to prepare your 2013 Work Plan and 2012 Annual Report:

  • Go to Digital Measures login page:
  • To login use your 8-character ULink username (fmlast01) and password.
  • Optional: There is a 7-minute video explaining features of DM and a 2-page guide to using navigation – both could be bypassed unless you are really interested or don’t understand the navigation.
  • Optional: Upon entry you will be at the “Manage Your Activities” page.  There has been data entered for you in the first section:  General Information (Permanent, Semi-permanent).  If you wish you can review Personal Information, Contact Information, Citizenship, Education, Faculty Rank, and Faculty Status and let me know if some data is in error.  Most of this data is Read Only as it came from PeopleSoft .  None of this data goes into your Annual Report so it’s OK not to review now.  Similarly with General Information (Annual) > Administrative Data.
  • Required: Under General Information (Annual), click on “Annual Work Plan” and “Add a New Item”.  Pull down Calendar Year 2013 and put in planned % for the various categories.  Some may be 0%, but all 9 should add up to 100%.  Use the “Details” box to do any explanation, particularly if there are percentages for  “Other … Activities”.  Make sure to “Save and Return”.
  • Required: Return to the Main Menu and review Teaching, Research, and Service activities which have been automatically entered.  There should be data in Scheduled Teaching, Directed Student Learning, Publications, Sponsored Research, and some Department, Speed School, and University Service.  Review and add info as needed.  You can also update some fields – if changes to previously entered data are needed a note to the helpdesk would be good so we can identify any problem areas.
  • Required:  If there are additional activities you want included add to the Teaching, Research, and Service.  If you don’t see where to enter appropriate data, most likely it should go into the “other “ category.
  • Optional: To see what your “Faculty Activity Report” looks like, in the left menu click on “Run Custom Reports”. “Faculty Activity Report” should already be selected, if not, select from drop-down box and click Select Report. Change the start/end dates to 2012, and then “Build Report”. You can save for your records; you do not need to submit. Department chairs and the Dean’s office can run group reports.
  • If you have questions about Activity Insight, you can use the "Contact our Helpdesk" or “Submit Your Feedback” feature to contact the Speed School helpdesk.


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