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Two CECS Professors Interviewed

On February 18,2013, The Baltimore Sun published an article regarding a personality test app that suggests career choices. Dr. Olfa Nasraoui, whose research looks at e-commerce data-mining, said it's less tricky to make career suggestions based on personality type than to determine purchasing preferences. She can't speak to Woofound's app specifically, but in general, "these things are scientifically valid." For the complete article visit The Baltimore Sun.

The NEWS for Louisville (part of the NPR digital network) interviewed Dr. Roman Yampolskiy on February 24, 2013 about Auditor Adam Edelen's concern with Kentucky's cyber security. According to the article, Kentucky Auditor Adam Edelen discovered a number of issues concerning the state's cyber security efforts and will closely monitor the state's measures over the next few months. "The risk of private data being stolen or misused increases as governments collect more and more data, Roman V. Yampolskiy, director of the CyberSecurity Laboratory at the University of Louisville. Technical glitches are one problem; another concern is what cyber security experts call 'social engineering,' such as phishing attacks. Yamploskiy noted that he and his colleagues recently wrote a grant proposal that would integrate continuous biometric-based authentication into the KentuckyID system, which would reduce attacks dependent on stealing passwords. But a fool-proof cyber security plan can be costly, Yamploskiy noted. 'The cost of securing data often scales exponentially with the value of said data. So while it may be possible and affordable to have an OK security level, it becomes really expensive to go to perfect or even near perfect security if a lot of sensitive data is stored.'" Visit The NEWS for Louisville for the entire article.

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